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Tue, 4th Feb 2014

DataTables 1.10 beta

It is with great pleasure that today I release DataTables 1.10.0-beta.1; the first beta release of the next generation of DataTables which is brimming with new features, improvements to performance and enhanced ease of use for both yourselves, the developers using DataTables and your end users.

DataTables 1.10 has been 15 months in the making with 468 git commits to the core software and building on the everything that I have learned from how DataTables is used over the last six year. This is the most significant update to DataTables since its original release - and I'm very excited about it!

In this post I'll highlight some of the new features in 1.10 and get you started using it. In future posts, I'll provide more detailed examples of how the features of DataTables can be used.

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Fri, 31st Jan 2014

HTML 5 Clipboard and File APIs

TableTools adds copy-to-clipboard and save-to-file exporting abilities to DataTables, via simple to use buttons that the end user can click upon to activate. These two abilities, however, are provided by Flash, due to the fact that there is no API available in the DOM to give this ability.

However, two new APIs that are in development at the W3C, the Clipboard API and File Writer API, might finally provide us with the tools required to be able to do away with Flash completely.

It will be a while before these APIs trickle down into the browsers and have enough users that we can deploy it as the primary interface for TableTools, but in this blog post I take a look at what the future holds in these two APIs.

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Fri, 24th Jan 2014

JS Bin update

When answering questions regarding DataTables, demonstrating how something works, or creating a test case for something that doesn't work, it is very useful to be able to show a small code sample actually running on a live table. JS Bin is an open source project that provides exactly that ability and DataTables has a custom install, to suit our needs at:

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