16th Jul 2014

Introducing Responsive for DataTables

When building a modern web-site you will typically use a responsive design. The advantages of doing so are clear; one site that works on all devices regardless of screen size means much lower maintenance costs and an improved experience for your customers. Even better is that responsive design is built into the core of most ready-rolled CSS frameworks, such as Bootstrap and Foundation, so you can get the benefits with minimal development effort.

While the frameworks handle responsive layout for content extremely well, they don't really handle responsive tables [1]. This is where Responsive for DataTables comes in - it uses DataTables' built in column visibility APIs to optimise the layout of the table for the screen size that the table is being viewed on.

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15th Jul 2014

DataTables 1.10.1, Editor 1.3.2 and more

I'm delighted to announce the release of both DataTables 1.10.1 and Editor 1.3.2. In addition to these releases all DataTables extensions have also been updated and released. The current releases for all DataTables software is:

Software Version Release notes
DataTables 1.10.1 Release notes
Editor 1.3.2 Release notes
AutoFill 1.2.1 Release notes
ColReorder 1.1.2 Release notes
ColVis 1.1.1 Release notes
FixedColumns 3.0.2 Release notes
FixedHeader 2.1.2 Release notes
KeyTable 1.2.1 Release notes
Responsive 1.0.0 Release notes
Scroller 1.2.2 Release notes
TableTools 2.2.2 Release notes

The latest versions can be downloaded from the DataTables download page and the Editor download page.

These releases are all minor bug fix releases that resolve some issues that have been brought to light recently.

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17th Jun 2014

Nominet Internet Awards shortlist

I'm delighted to announce that DataTables has been shortlisted in the Innovative Internet Business category of the Nominet Internet Awards 2014 (NIA). Nominet are the organisation who manage the .uk domain space and have been running their awards for eight years.

NIA logo 2014

We are in with some distinguished company in this year's shortlist, and very much looking forward to meeting everyone at the awards ceremony on 3rd July in London. Good luck all!

For our own part, being shortlisted is a real achievement and a great stepping stone in the development of SpryMedia as a company, which is entirely focused on developing and improving DataTables, Editor and the other tools and software around it.

The goal of DataTables is to provide the tools needed for developers to quickly and easily create complex systems so those using the software can obtain the data they want quickly. There are a lot of ambitious plans on the table for DataTables - short, medium and long term, and it is very exciting to be working on this project.

Win or not, we are going to have a party!

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