13th Aug 2015

Update extravaganza

I'm delighted to announce the release of a number of major updates to the DataTables extensions and web-site that mark a significant step forward for the whole project. This has been months in the planning and writing, so it is a real pleasure to finally be able to full share the updates.

The focus with this release is consistency - primarily in how extensions are initialised and their APIs presented, which are all now very tightly integration with the DataTables initialisation options and API structure. Styling is also key, with DataTables and all of its extensions now fully supporting four styling frameworks (more are planned):

In this post I'll offer a summary of the changes and new releases and in future posts over the coming couple of weeks write up more details about each in further posts (there are a lot of new features!).

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2nd Jun 2015

Git repo structure update

One of the great challenges of maintaining any complex project is that of organisation and DataTables is no exception. The project is primarily split between the core library, extensions and plug-ins. This modular approach for adding features to DataTables works well, but where it currently proves to be difficult is the integration with the various styling libraries supported by DataTables.

DataTables provides its own stylesheets, but it can also make use of the styles offered as part of Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation and jQuery UI ThemeRoller. This ability to be styled by many different frameworks is a fundamental aspect of DataTables and it should be as simple as possible to use DataTables in these environments.

This blog post details current development work that is being done to restructure the DataTables code repositories to make the integration with the popular styling frameworks as smooth as possible for developers using DataTables, and those of us writing it.

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30th Apr 2015

DataTables 1.10.7

DataTables 1.10.7 has now been released and is a recommended update for all developers working with DataTables 1.10.

I hadn't been planning to make this release until the end of May, but the release of jQuery 1.11.3 and 2.1.4 exposed a bug in DataTables that caused it to throw an error when performing a "smart" search. As DataTables as a jQuery plug-in it is only right that a quick release should be expected to fully support the latest versions of jQuery.

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