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This is a legacy documentation page and the methods described may not work with DataTables 1.10+.
Please see the upgrade notes for 1.10.

DataTables test framework

When you deploy any software you want to be as sure as you possibly can that it will be free from "surprises". To help ensure that this is the case with DataTables, there is a full testing framework, with over 1400 unit tests, making sure that everything does what it should!

Run the DOM sanity checks

Your browser had already run through the sanity check which is used for reading data from the DOM! The frame below shows the results of this test (which should be 100% passed!). Note that this is a very limited sub-set of the unit tests, which is done in order to stop this unit test from DDOS-ing the server! If you wish to see the full set of DataTables unit tests in action, please get in touch and say why would you like to see them.