DataTables releases feed en-us Software release information for DataTables and its extensions Buttons 1.5.1 released This release of buttons addresses a couple of visible issues that were present in the 1.5.1 release and also focuses on ensuring that the examples for Buttons are up to spec.


  • Fix: Regression - processing icon would not hide from PDF button
  • Fix: createEmptyCells would show true in an empty cell
  • Fix: Print export only selected rows example was always exported all rows due to the new behaviour of the export options interfacing with the Select extension
  • Fix: Legacy message option for PDF wasn't being used if defined.


  • Fix: Typo in styling section description
  • Fix: API enable / disable needs to listen for deselect to update the button states correctly
  • Fix: Improved description for API enable / disable example
  • Fix: Improve description for print column visibility example
  • Fix: Complete description for the PDF open example
  • Fix: Update pdf message examples to use the new messageTop option
  • Fix: Fix typo in Excel border example
  • Fix: Correct use of language.buttons.copyKeys for HTML5 copy to clipboard (was missing an s)
  • Fix: Correct description text for column grouping colvisGroup examples
  • Fix: alt + 2 can change tab in Chrome, so not a good example of a key combination to use. Switching to use shift+2 for the example.
  • Fix: Due to the recent change from a tags to buttons, the class name example didn't show the correct styling (was selecting by a tag).

Download Buttons 1.5.1

Fri, 22 Dec 2017 11:27:31 GMT
Editor 1.7.0 released Editor 1.7! The headline feature in this latest release of Editor is the new server-side libraries for NodeJS. They provide full support for Editor and DataTables on the NodeJS platform, complimenting the existing PHP and .NET libraries for Editor. They use a similar API to the existing platforms, although customised for a native Node style of programming where suitable.

The other main change in 1.7 is also on the server-side, where the PHP validation and formatter functions now follow a functional approach, similar to that used in the .NET and NodeJS libraries. This provides far more expressive options in the validation and formatter methods, while also providing full support for IDE auto-completion tools. This change is fully backwards compatible, but the documentation has been updated to reflect the new style.

On the client-side, there aren't any major changes. The most noticeable is to update the Editor modal view, to have a more modern look and feel. There are a number of small additions such improve positioning of the datetime calendar, a new initSubmit which can be used to modify form values, and other relatively minor refinements to the API.


  • Javascript
    • initSubmit event which can use the Editor API to modify field values (preSubmit is triggered after the data is read from the form).
    • mode() can now be used as a setter to change the form's mode of operation. e.g. you can change an edit into a create action, effectively duplicating a row.
    • field().multiRestore() method which can be used to programmatically undo any changes made to a field's value if using multi-row editing.
    • - the ability to define a comparison method to check if a field's value has changed or not. This can be used with the submitChanged value for the submit property of form-options.
    • datetime now has an hoursAvailable option which can be used to restrict the hours which are user selectable.
    • submitSuccess and submitComplete now have an action parameter which can be used to determine what action was performed by the submit.
    • Editor will now throw an error if you attempt to access a field that does not exist on the instance. Previously the error would be undefined (i.e. it would cause an error in the field's method handle since it couldn't find the field) with an obscure error message. Now it states what the field name being accessed was.
    • The e-buttons() method will now accept button definition objects which use text and action as the text to show in the button and the function to run, respectively. This is to match the naming conventions used in Buttons. The change is backwards compatible and the label and fn names that were previously used will also be accepted by Editor's buttons() method. The documentation reflects the new style of naming.
  • PHP
    • Built in file validation methods (fileExtensions and fileSize). This replaces the allowedExtensions of the Upload class that was used previously, although that still remains for backwards compatibility.
    • SQL functions can now be used with read only fields, to have the database perform calculations.
    • Validator and formatter methods for Field instances are now function based, rather than using a function name as a string. This provides:
    • Better support with auto-complete in editors and IDEs
    • Easier and better defined passing of options to validators and functions
    • Matches the API style used by the .NET and Node libraries for Editor
    • It is important to note that this change is backwards compatible. You do not need to update your existing validator and formatter calls to the new format, although you are encouraged to do so (the legacy support will be removed in Editor v2). For this reason the documentation and examples have been updated to use the newer style for validators and formatters.
  • .NET
    • Editor.Process() now supports UnvalidatedRequestValues as an object that can be passed in to avoid triggering ASP.NET request validation.
    • Built in file validation methods (Validation.FileExtensions and Validation.FileSize). This replaces the AllowedExtensions of the Upload class that was used previously, although that still remains for backwards compatibility.
    • SQL functions can now be used with read only fields, to have the database perform calculations.
    • Editor.Model() method can now optionally accept a table name which will be used to prefix the field/column names.
    • Editor.Model() can be called multiple times to add multiple models. This is particularly useful when working with joined tables and you don't want to use nested classes.
  • NodeJS
    • Server-side libraries for NodeJS and a full package of examples!


  • Styling
    • Bubble layout has been updated to place the button(s) below the input elements. This allows more space for input and also addresses alignment issues when a field message is shown. There is no change to the mark up, just the CSS. The integration styling for Bootstrap 3/4, Foundation, jQuery UI and Semantic UI have also been improved for bubble editing.
    • DataTables styled buttons now match the styling of the paging buttons and Buttons
    • DataTables styling of the modal pop-up has been updated to reflect a more modern look.


  • Javascript
    • Envelope display wasn't working in Bootstrap
    • A few minor code style changes due to JSHint notices
    • Date time picker could be shown out of the documents boundary if it was activated near to the right hand side of the window.
    • Fields which are dynamically added when the form is already displayed with Bootstrap styling would not correctly add a form-control class to the input elements.
  • PHP
    • Boolean validator would incorrectly fail for false values
    • Use error in JSON return rather than legacy sError for database connection error issues
    • Undefined variable was being used in where_group
  • .NET
    • Error in XML formatting of documentation comments.
    • Examples for link table specified the Options method twice by mistake
  • Styling
    • Button text colour in Firefox did not correctly inherit
    • When in error state, Bootstrap 3 styling would highlight field information messages in the error colour as well as the error message.
  • Documentation

Download Editor 1.7.0

Fri, 08 Dec 2017 19:57:10 GMT
Buttons 1.5.0 released A minor version bump for Buttons as a number of new features have been introduced (all relatively small, but cumulatively it needs a version bump!).

Specific areas of interest are improved accessibility though the use of the button tag by default (rather than a before) and use of ARIA attributes. Also. arbitrary attributes can be assigned to buttons as required.

On the export side of things, when used with Select Buttons will now export only the selected rows, if any are selected. If none are selected, the full data set is exported. This behaviour is customisable. Also, Excel now has an option to export empty cells.

Finally, there are a number of fixes for issues that have cropped up.


  • New: Use button tag by default for buttons rather than a for improved accessibility
  • New: createEmptyCells option for Excel export buttons. By default the Excel export will not create empty cells in the exported spreadsheet, this option allows it to do so.
  • New: buttons.buttons.attr option which can be used to set any arbitary attributes for a button
  • New: When rows are selected in the table (via the Select extension), the exported data from Buttons will now be automatically restricted to just those selected rows. If no rows are selected, the full data set from the table will be exported (based on the rules defined by the export). The modifier.selected parameter can be used to override this behaviour if required.


  • Change: Button collections are now inserted into the document immediately after the triggering host button, rather than at the body level. You should see no difference visually - this is a change to help improve accessibility.


  • Fix: Add aria-haspopup attribute to collection buttons
  • Fix: If buttons over multiple instances for the same table share a key handler, only the first will now trigger. It was confusing before to understand why events were happening multiples.
  • Fix: PDF download (html5) wasn't working in IE10.
  • Fix: Chrome wouldn't correctly display buttons in a multi-column layout due to 531528
  • Fix: In correct title could be selected for use if SVG was used in the document
  • Fix: Excel export could use an incorrect cell address for merged cells.
  • Fix: Excel XML wasn't valid to the schema for the fills tag.
  • Fix: An empty title would cause a download error
  • Fix: ColVis buttons for column headers which contain a select would show the option text
  • Fix: Excel export would create a file rejected by Excel if no cells were merged

Download Buttons 1.5.0

Fri, 08 Dec 2017 15:09:07 GMT
FixedColumns 3.2.4 released Addresses a number of small bugs found in FixedColumns, particularly one with jQuery 3 compatibility, which could cause the fixed columns to draw in a container the wrong size.


  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 integration between Select and FixedColumns - selected rows were not being correctly highlighted in the fixed columns
  • Fix: Improve accessibility - aria-hidden is now used for the floating (fixed) columns to hide them from screenreaders
  • Fix: In correct fixed column width could be assigned if the width of the border check was returned as a pixel value
  • Fix: If using right click on a fixed column and then scrolling on the non-fixed section, the fixed columns would not scroll correctly
  • Fix: jQuery 3 compatibility. jQuery 3 now doesn't include the scrollbar height in outerHeight (see jQuery issue #3193). The fix uses DOM methods rather than jQuery so it will work in all browsers and versions of jQuery.

Download FixedColumns 3.2.4

Fri, 08 Dec 2017 15:01:37 GMT
Responsive 2.2.1 released This release of Responsive addresses a few performance and compatibility issues found since 2.2.0 was released. It also introduces a new column().responsiveHidden() method which can be used to determine if a column has been hidden by Responsive or not.



  • Fix: Remove min-width from column header cells, to allow full compatibility with FixedHeader
  • Fix: Missing documentation for responsive.hasHidden()
  • Fix: After Ajax data load, resize columns for the new data
  • Fix: Performance issue with tables that contain a large number of columns and columns are being hidden or shown by the DataTables API. Note that this change means that Responsive now requires DataTables 1.10.10 or newer due to use the use of an event parameter that was introduced in that version.
  • Fix: Don't redraw the table to update the colspan when no records shown - doing so can cause issues with state saving and a double Ajax request when server-side processing is enabled
  • Fix - example: Use built in tableAll renderer for the modal example rather than a custom renderer

Download Responsive 2.2.1

Fri, 08 Dec 2017 14:56:19 GMT
Select 1.2.4 released A relatively trivial release of Select which addresses a known issue.


  • Fix: Allow selection of item to happen if something has gained highlight (selected) outside of the table

Download Select 1.2.4

Fri, 08 Dec 2017 14:44:05 GMT