DataTables releases feed en-us Software release information for DataTables and its extensions AutoFill 2.3.9 released Another error with the packaging for Bootstrap 5 and Bulma. Again no changes to the actual software.

  • Fix Bootstrap 5 packaging error

Download AutoFill 2.3.9

Fri, 18 Jun 2021 09:09:33 GMT
AutoFill 2.3.8 released No changes to the software for this release other than the version number. This release is to fix an error with the npm packaging that was present in 2.3.7.

  • Fix npm dependencies

Download AutoFill 2.3.8

Thu, 17 Jun 2021 15:38:03 GMT
Editor 2.0.4 released Due to a bug discovered between Bootstrap 5.0.1 and our Bootstrap 5 integration for Editor, this is a quick turnaround from Editor 2.0.3. There is also a fix for SearchPanes server-side processing and a new attribute for .NET. See below for full details.

JS Core

  • Fix: Boostrap 5 - error when using Bootstrap 5.0.0 or newer (beta's didn't have this error) when initialising a modal


  • New: EditorIgnore() attribute which can be used in a model to tell Editor to not process the property that the attribute is attached to.


  • Fix: Issue with SearchPanes Node not working for cascade panes

Download Editor 2.0.4

Thu, 10 Jun 2021 14:46:03 GMT
Responsive 2.2.9 released Single change in this release, to address an error with Bootstrap 5 integration.

  • Fix: Bootstrap 5.0.0 changed slightly the initialisation of the modal, which now needs the document to be available

Download Responsive 2.2.9

Wed, 09 Jun 2021 12:11:41 GMT
Editor 2.0.3 released Editor 2.0.3 addresses a few bugs discovered since Editor 2.0.2, improves the usability of the datatable input, and also introduces Bulma styling for Editor.

JS Core

  • New: Add Bulma styling integration
  • New: Add typing information to npm package
  • Update: datatable input type will now automatically change its paging to the first selected row so the user can easily see what they have selected
  • Fix: dependent() didn't trigger on datatable field types
  • Fix: Small styling fix for inline editing and Bootstrap 5


  • Update: Mjoin with non-dbo tables (child table)
  • Update: Upload with non-dbo tables
  • Fix: Small tweak to allow objects as well as strings to be returned from the Options renderer, easily allowing multiple columns to be shown in a DataTable input.
  • Fix: Identifier's should be properly escaped for postgres
  • Fix: insert with compound keys and field name different from field db property
  • Fix: Support SearchPanes with null values


  • Fix: Support SearchPanes with null values

Download Editor 2.0.3

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 16:26:07 GMT
DataTables 1.10.25 released A small bug fix release.


  • Add columns.ariaTitle option to allow a different aria-label attribute value from the header


  • Type detection: A column needs to have an HTML string in it to be detected as HTML, not just an empty string
  • Ensure that the tbody is inserted in such a way that the html is valid for html5:
  • Display of negative numbers which had been rounded to 0 would have a negative prefix
  • Issue with concurrent ajax draws being ignored. Many thanks skylord123
  • CSS: Opacity must be set for sorting_asc / sorting_desc

Download DataTables 1.10.25

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 14:20:33 GMT
DateTime 1.1.0 released This release introduces two control buttons into the picker, which can be optionally enabled. One to clear the value and one to jump to today.

  • New: Add buttons.clear and buttons which, when enabled, will clear the value and jump the calender display to today respectively.
  • Fix: Allow moment / luxon / dayjs to be loaded after DateTime.

Download DateTime 1.1.0

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 13:31:17 GMT
Buttons 1.7.1 released A number of small fixes to address issues that have been flagged up with Buttons.


  • Improve the way that popovers are handled in buttons. This increases consistency across the styling libraries
  • Fix for popover alignment issue with Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap 5 should have it's own styling sheet, not just use BS4
  • Fix to stop Bootstrap 5 popover floating in the middle of the page
  • $.fn.dataTable.Buttons.stripData() will operate with just a single parameter now
  • CSV with BOM output needs to be based on the charCode to workaround an issue in the CDN minifier
  • If the for print view fails, show a message about allowing a popup.


  • Add example showing DataTables page length control as well as Buttons, as this is a question that comes up frequently.

Download Buttons 1.7.1

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 13:12:40 GMT
ColReorder 1.5.4 released New styling library support release.


  • Add Bulma integration
  • Add Bootstrap 5 integration

Download ColReorder 1.5.4

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 13:09:14 GMT
FixedColumns 3.3.3 released Update release with Bootstrap 5 and Bulma styling support.


  • Add Bulma integration
  • Add Bootstrap 5 integration

Download FixedColumns 3.3.3

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 12:58:17 GMT
FixedHeader 3.1.9 released Adding styling integration for Bootstrap 5 and Bulma.


  • Add Bulma integration
  • Add Bootstrap 5 integration

Download FixedHeader 3.1.9

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 12:48:40 GMT
KeyTable 2.6.2 released No functional changes - adding Bootstrap 5 and Bulma styling along with a small bug fix.


  • Add Bulma integration
  • Add Bootstrap 5 integration


  • Esc wasn't taking blurable into account

Download KeyTable 2.6.2

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 12:12:20 GMT
Responsive 2.2.8 released Bootstrap 5 and Bulma integration for Responsive along with a few fixes.


  • Bootstrap 5 support
  • Bulma integration


  • Allow bootstrap modal to close when clicking on backdrop
  • Fix issue with foundation not showing a modal
  • Bootstrap 4 with table-sm misaligned the Responsive button

Download Responsive 2.2.8

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 11:38:20 GMT
RowGroup 1.1.3 released Adding support for Bootstrap 5 and Bulma.


  • Add Bulma styling integration
  • Add Bootstrap 5 integration
  • Add typing file to source repo


  • Add styling for nesting levels down to 5 by default
  • Remove use of now deprecated $.isArray, replacing with Array.isArray. This means the the minimum browser is now IE9.

Download RowGroup 1.1.3

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 11:17:49 GMT
RowReorder 1.2.8 released New functionality change in this release, but we add support for Bulma and Bootstrap 5 along with Typescript typings.


  • Bootstrap 5 styling
  • Bulma styling
  • Typing support

Download RowReorder 1.2.8

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 11:02:50 GMT
Scroller 2.0.4 released Couple of small errors corrected in Scroller and adding support for Bulma and Bootstrap 5.


  • Add Bulma styling integration for scroller
  • Add bootstrap 5 styling integration for scroller


  • For integration with FixedColumns Scroller needs to trigger a position event
  • When the horizontal scrollbar is shown, the position label being shown could allow the table to be overscrolled

Download Scroller 2.0.4

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 10:31:57 GMT
SearchBuilder 1.1.0 released The major change in this release of SearchBuilder is that it no longer bundles the DateTime library internally. It is an external resource and should be loaded in as a dependency. If you are using the download builder, this means selecting the DateTime library as well (assuming you want to search on date values). This also brings in Luxon support for SearchBuilder.

Aside from that Bootstrap 5 and Bulma styling support is added along with a number of styling tweaks. A number of bugs have also been addressed.


  • Datetime is no longer directly embedded in SB, now must be included externally
  • Add Bulma integration for SearchBuilder
  • Add BS5 integration to SB
  • Add typings so that SB can be integrated properly with package hosting
  • Add option for input elements to only trigger a search when the enter key is pressed.
  • Add option to set custom titles for use in SB


  • Docs for SearchBuilder Button
  • Allow SB title to be html not just text
  • Add undefined check for button fix
  • Fix issue with misaligned elements when using a button and stateSave
  • Check array elements for null rather than array itself when replacing characters
  • Fix wrong condition in sort function
  • Add sorting for the select element for array types
  • Fix issue with getDetails trying to run when SB is not initialised
  • Bring moment and luxon i18n strings under the date banner
  • Fixed issue with decimal character being replaced in string column types
  • Further fix for replacing decimal and thousands characters in getDetails
  • Fix integration issue with different language options for decimal and thousands characters.
  • Fix for SB to cope with different font sizes
  • Fix for IOS and empty/not empty conditions
  • Fix issue with filtering on html columns
  • Stop error message with null values
  • Fix issue with render function and new lines
  • Fix for memory leak relating to editor changes
  • Make sure that SB is loading columns.searchBuilder.orthogonal when using stateSave.
  • Stop SB removing all listeners for draw event on dt
  • Fix funny behaviour with SB reselecting a value when adding a new condition
  • Fix issue with select options not rendering special characters such as < etc.
  • Fix issue with null values and equals condition
  • Make SB popover for button 100% width of table
  • Make searchbuilder honour the searchDelay option

Download SearchBuilder 1.1.0

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 10:11:40 GMT
SearchPanes 1.3.0 released A large number of changes in this release to address known issues and also introduce full typing support in our distribution packages, Bulma and Bootstrap 5 styling support.


  • Add Bulma integration for SearchPanes
  • Add BS5 integration
  • Add docs for SearchPanes buttons
  • Add proper typings so that distribution packages can make use of them
  • Deprecate the hideCount option and replace with viewCount
  • Per instance i18n options
  • Support for DataTables 2 (in development)
  • New API option resizePanes() which resizes the panes to fit the container appropriately.
  • searchPanes.i18n.emptyMessage parameter which replaces searchPanes.emptyMessage (still supported for backwards compat) for consistency


  • Update the language options from language.searchPanes.* to searchPanes.i18n.*
  • searchPanes.layout now has an auto option which allows SearchPanes to fit the panes to the space available
  • Rewrite CSS to be simpiler to maintain


  • Fixed issue with viewTotal and cascade conflicting behaviour with other searching mechanisms
  • Make cursor not-allowed for disabled buttons
  • Remove outline from focused button when disabled
  • change replaceAll for a global replace to maintain support for ie11
  • Clear all button is disabled when there are no options selected
  • Rotate search icon to the more common oritentation
  • Add padding when using BS styling when SP used in a button
  • Improve styling for bulma when SP used in dropdown
  • Realised an issue with the previous fix for null values and SSP
  • Add second parameter when dealing with null values and SSP
  • Fixed issue with statesave and SSP not updating table after 2 reloads
  • Make sure that the empty message is aligned in the center of the SP container
  • Fix issue with empty message not being removed with ajax reload
  • Fix issue with Clear buttons not activating appropriately
  • Stop SP running cascade when the paging is updated due to xhr
  • Fix issue with cascade and ajax reload not populating panes correctly
  • Fix issue with viewTotal not maintaining selections
  • Fix SP issue with replacing & quot; and filtering on that
  • Fix issue with find calls not identifying classes correctly and also enabling the clear button at the appropriate time
  • Stop HTML being included in the SearchPanes search box results
  • Fix to allow for filtering on < and >
  • Fix issue when selecting all options in a pane and then deselecting a single option
  • Further fixes for viewTotal and cascade when identifying external filters that are being applied
  • Change disabled pointer to just the default rather than not allowed

Download SearchPanes 1.3.0

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 09:38:04 GMT
AutoFill 2.3.7 released No changes to AutoFill itself in this release, but Bulma styling support is now added.

  • New: Bulma styling support

Download AutoFill 2.3.7

Wed, 02 Jun 2021 16:20:17 GMT