DataTables releases feed en-us Software release information for DataTables and its extensions KeyTable 2.3.2 released No functional changes in this release other than the version number! This release is made for npm due to an issue with the DataTables version dependency.

  • Fix: NPM DataTables version dependency.

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Wed, 13 Sep 2017 08:23:43 GMT
ColReorder 1.4.1 released No functional changes in this release other than the version number! This release is made for npm due to an issue with the DataTables version dependency.

  • Fix: NPM DataTables version dependency.

Download ColReorder 1.4.1

Wed, 13 Sep 2017 08:21:53 GMT
Select 1.2.3 released A relatively simple bug fix update. Nothing new as such, but a recommended upgrade all the same.


  • Fix: Error thrown in IE when testing if a node is in the document or not
  • Fix: Don't show information about selected rows when Select is not enabled for a table.
  • Fix - docs: Error in example for selectedSingle.

Download Select 1.2.3

Tue, 12 Sep 2017 15:01:36 GMT
Scroller 1.4.3 released A classic good old bug fix release this one. No new features, although a little expanded functionality in its support for different CSS units.


  • Fix: improve height measurement to support CSS units other than just px. em, rem, vh as well as px are now supported.
  • Fix: When using server-side processing with scrollCollapse the amount of data requested could be too small for the area displayed.
  • Fix: When the scrolling area is large enough to need to use non-linear scrolling, it was possible scroller().scrollToRow() might not correctly jump to the correct line in the table.
  • Fix: If new rows were added at the end of the table, they wouldn't be drawn in when scrolling down to them.
  • Fix - docs: scrollY should be an integer rather than a boolean

Download Scroller 1.4.3

Tue, 12 Sep 2017 14:49:03 GMT
RowReorder 1.2.3 released No functional changes in this release other than the version number! This release is made for npm due to an issue with the DataTables version dependency.

  • Fix: NPM DataTables version dependency.

Download RowReorder 1.2.3

Tue, 12 Sep 2017 14:44:59 GMT
RowGroup 1.0.2 released No functional changes in this release other than the version number! This release is made for npm due to an issue with the DataTables version dependency.

  • Fix: NPM DataTables version dependency.

Download RowGroup 1.0.2

Tue, 12 Sep 2017 14:42:12 GMT
Responsive 2.2.0 released While this is primarily a bug fix release of Responsive, it does add one new prototype feature (feedback is very welcome please): by default Responsive will copy the contents of cells for the responsive information display - there is now a new renderer called listHiddenNodes which will actually move the DOM elements around, including event handlers that are assigned to them. This is still a prototype, but I think ready for wider feedback.


  • New: listHiddenNodes rendering option which reuses the nodes from the DataTables cells, rather than cloning the contents and making new nodes. It does have a little bit of a performance penatly, but it can make the display of complex controls inside a cell and a responsive display much easier, since you don't need to rebind event listeners.


  • Fix: Styling compatibility with RowGroup extension
  • Fix: Expand control icon misalignment when used with SemanticUI and the compact class
  • Fix: Redraw the table if resizing causes column viability to change when there is no data to show in the table.
  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 integration - title and close box were shown the wrong way around
  • Fix - example: Bootstrap 4 example should load Bootstrap 4 JS
  • Fix: Do not inherit ul.dtr-details li styles
  • Fix: li including bootstrap components in .child inherit all ul.dtr-details li styles.

Download Responsive 2.2.0

Tue, 12 Sep 2017 14:30:12 GMT
FixedHeader 3.1.3 released A regular bug fix release of FixedHeader!


  • Fix: Calling enable() or disable() will only update header if status is changing
  • Fix: Typo and clarity of automatic offset example
  • Fix: Remove id's from cloned element

Download FixedHeader 3.1.3

Tue, 12 Sep 2017 14:11:41 GMT
FixedColumns 3.2.3 released A fairly standard bug release version. Nothing new, but worth upgrading!


  • Fix: IE9 - fixed column was too large initially
  • Fix: Remove id's from cloned cells
  • Fix: Fixed right columns should have the area above the scrollbar blocked out - this wasn't happening for Bootstrap, Foundation or jQuery UI
  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 integration was showing too much opacity
  • Fix: Hidden columns could cause the data-dt-column attribute used for the cell and column selectors on the cloned elements to be incorrect.
  • Fix: Remove any reference that FixedHeader can fix columns from the documentation and examples
  • Fix: Indexing error when working with hidden columns

Download FixedColumns 3.2.3

Tue, 12 Sep 2017 13:24:55 GMT
Buttons 1.4.2 released No functional changes in this release other than the version number! This release is made for npm due to an issue with the DataTables version dependency.

  • Fix: NPM DataTables version dependency.

Download Buttons 1.4.2

Tue, 12 Sep 2017 12:33:38 GMT
AutoFill 2.2.2 released No functional changes in this release other than the version number! This release is made for npm due to an issue with the DataTables version dependency.

  • Fix: NPM DataTables version dependency.

Download AutoFill 2.2.2

Tue, 12 Sep 2017 11:25:08 GMT
RowReorder 1.2.2 released A packaging error caused the minified file to be empty in the 1.2.1 release (trailing comma). That is the only change in this release.


  • Remove trailing comma.

Download RowReorder 1.2.2

Fri, 01 Sep 2017 09:42:38 GMT
Editor 1.6.5 released Phrases such as "probably the last in the x series" that accompanied the 1.6.4 should probably be banned. This is an additional bug fix release for the 1.6.x series which addresses a few issues found that shouldn't wait for 1.7, including a type checking issue that should have been fixed in 1.6.4. A couple of missing features have also been added for completeness.


  • Javascript
    • submitUnsuccessful which is triggered when validation fails. Previously there wasn't a suitable event for this that would be triggered only when validation failed.
    • field().enabled() - determine if a field is enabled or not.


  • Examples
    • Utalise the new features of KeyTable 2.3.0 which makes Editor integration simpler.


  • Javascript
    • When server-side processing is enabled and a row is removed we need the client-side to be aware of the change so it can "rewind" the paging if needed, rather than possibly requesting a page which no longer exists from the server.
    • Javascript error could be caused by adding and removing fields dynamically in the open event.
    • Allow null as the JSON response from the server since it is valid JSON
    • Read only fields should not be clickable when multi-row editing
    • Loose type checking was only implemented on nested data
  • Styling
    • Compatibly with Bootstrap 4 beta.
  • PHP
    • Columns which shared a name with PHP functions could not be used to search the table when server-side processing was enabled.
    • Allow as in SQL statements to be optional

Download Editor 1.6.5

Thu, 31 Aug 2017 14:26:26 GMT
DataTables 1.10.16 released This release of DataTables is primarily to bring the Bootstrap 4 support up to speed with Bootstrap 4 beta, although there are a number of other useful bug fixes and updates to the documentation.


  • Update: Bootstrap 4 beta used for examples
  • Update - docs: preDraw documentation as missing
  • Update - docs: Add nested data example for pluck()


  • Fix: When removing rows with server-side processing and paging enabled, the client-side could request a page that no longer exists.
  • Fix: Large numbers shown in the length select should be formatted using the built in number formatter.
  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 no longer just a tech preview with BS4 going beta
  • Fix: Revert some limited changes from 5608cc872abbc493fa2ec533510576ea8ad066d3
  • Fix: Footer scroll fix when using the bootstrap theme
  • Fix: Add class names to column header cells before extensions are initialised. This allows extensions such as Buttons' column visibility selector to operate on class names given in the column options.


  • Fix - styling: Jquery UI 1.12 integration. The spelling of caret was fixed
  • Fix - styling: merge duplicate selectors
  • Fix - styling: Bootstrap 4 integration with the table-sm class (renamed from condensed in Bootstrap 3)



  • Fix - examples: Server-side processing example in data sources directory wasn't showing the server-side processing script.
  • Fix - examples: Remove parameter that isn't required from the limit() method in the demo server-side processing script.

Download DataTables 1.10.16

Thu, 31 Aug 2017 13:31:29 GMT
Buttons 1.4.1 released A bug fix update for Buttons address a few issues found since the last release and a small accessibility improvement.


  • Fix: br tags are replaced with whitespace rather than being simply stripped for correct display
  • Fix: Add a space between buttons for display without css (accessibility).
  • Fix: Excel files generated in IE were broken
  • Fix - example: Excel background colour example didn't take into account that the number cells are now actually numbers, not strings.
  • Fix - docs: Error in examples for buttons.dom.

Download Buttons 1.4.1

Thu, 31 Aug 2017 12:51:19 GMT
ColReorder 1.4.0 released This release of ColReorder presents a new API (kindly added by @smasala) which allows individual columns to be easily reordered programmatically.

  • New: Programmatically move a column using colReorder.move()
  • Fix: Remove preventDefault

Download ColReorder 1.4.0

Wed, 30 Aug 2017 14:33:52 GMT
RowGroup 1.0.1 released A couple of simple fixes in this release - nothing exciting I'm sorry to say!


  • Fix: Colspan calculation was wrong if the table was hidden, or Responsive was used
  • Fix: Remove trailing comma

Download RowGroup 1.0.1

Wed, 30 Aug 2017 14:18:26 GMT
RowReorder 1.2.1 released A minor version bump for RowReorder that improves its compatibility with Editor and more complex JSON objects among other fixes.



  • Fix: Improved integration with Editor - if an error is reported by the server on update, the rows will revert to their original order.
  • Fix: Don't allow the dragged element to make the document larger while being moved.
  • Fix: Documentation referred to Responsive rather then RowReorder as the library name
  • Fix: Couldn't disable RowReorder using rowReorder.enable.

Download RowReorder 1.2.1

Wed, 30 Aug 2017 14:10:48 GMT
KeyTable 2.3.1 released An error was found in 2.3.0 whereby it was using a global editor variable for its Editor integration. This version dump resolves that issue and improves compatibility with Scroller.


  • Fix: Undefined variable
  • Fix: Integration with Scroller - when scrolled down KeyTable was loosing the scrolling position when moving focus with the arrow keys.
  • Fix: KeyTable with Scroller and client-side processing with deferred rendering enabled could result in a Javascript error due to the fact that nodes might not always be rendered in linear sequence (there might be gaps).

Download KeyTable 2.3.1

Tue, 29 Aug 2017 15:54:51 GMT
AutoFill 2.2.1 released There is no functional change between this release and 2.2.0. This is purely a packaging update for npm.


  • Dependencies improved.

Download AutoFill 2.2.1

Tue, 29 Aug 2017 15:46:49 GMT
KeyTable 2.3.0 released This release of KeyTable introduces tighter and more refined control of how KeyTable operates with Editor. KeyTable will now do all required enablement of features for you, among other options.


  • New: key-refocus which will be triggered when a focused cell gains focus again (i.e. another click)
  • New: keys.editAutoSelect Set if Editor should automatically select the text in the input
  • New: keys.editOnFocus Control if editing should be activated immediately upon focus
  • New: Copy text to clipboard from focused cell when ctrl/cmd + c is used.


  • Fix: Only apply Excel style to DTE_Field_InputControl

Download KeyTable 2.3.0

Fri, 18 Aug 2017 14:35:50 GMT
Editor 1.6.4 released Editor 1.6.4 is likely to be the last update in the 1.6.x series as 1.7 is now closing in. As always with a patch release it focuses on fixes for known issues and minor incremental updates. It is a recommended update for all users of Editor.


  • PHP
    • Beta support for DB2
    • PDO attributes can now be set using a pdoAttr array in the $sql_details array. These are passed straight to the PDO driver and allow, for example, SSL certificates to be used with the connection to the database.
    • Values which are passed into the preCreate and preEdit event handlers can now be modified in the event handler if the values parameter is marked as passed by reference. For example ->on( 'preCreate', function ( $editor, &$values ) {.



  • Javascript
    • When the datetime picker shows both date and time, it won't automatically close when a date is selected.
    • Using fields.multiEditable would incorrectly make a field not editable, even when only single row editing.
    • field().label() would remove the field label and make it impossible to use field().labelInfo().
    • Using loose type checking for a difference in value. The type will be lost when submitting via HTTP parameters and it avoids issues with strings and numbers being read from the DOM.
    • Correct the for attribute on the field label element when used with nested data (typically on a join field)
    • Documentation for field type plug-ins was missing the destroy() callback option
    • postSubmit would not be triggered if a custom Ajax call was used or local table editing used.
    • Select the DTE element for processing indication, even if it is hidden
    • When uploading a file a Javascript error could occur if the table information returned was not already defined by the data loading by DataTables.
  • PHP
    • Throw an error when an SQL exception happens
    • If no fields were settable, an error would result when creating a new row.
    • ACTION_DELETE const didn't align with the data submitted by Editor for a remove action
    • When using compound keys, check to see if a key column is null and if so throw an error stating this
    • Give an error message if json_encode fails (usually due to invalid UTF8 characters
  • .NET
    • Oracle tables which have a primary key which is a string would result in an exception.
    • Upload with an Oracle database would result in an exception on the server-side as the primary key value was not being set.
    • If no fields were settable, an error would be thrown when a new row was inserted.
    • Mjoin options were not populated if the parent table contained no data.
    • Boolean validation would not allow an empty value. If that is the case it should be marked with the validation options.
    • Compound key submission check wouldn't check if the field was settable or not.
    • Add a generic method for Unique validator to allow SQL Server to be given a specific data type for the query condition checking to see if the input value is unique or not.
  • Styling
    • Remove reference to Ajax loading image in Bubble CSS - no longer required
  • Examples
    • Display controller example didn't allow new rows to be created if there were no existing rows.
    • Display controller was missing the Buttons library, which was needed to display the Create button.
  • Documentation

Download Editor 1.6.4

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 14:31:58 GMT
Buttons 1.4.0 released This release of Buttons bring harmony to the options for showing titles, messages (above and below the table) and integration with a caption tag to call export button types.


  • New: Title, message top and message bottom options for the exported data in copy, Excel, PDF and print buttons (not CSV as they would break the CSV format).
  • New: Message top / message bottom will automatically use the table's caption if there is one, coresponding to the side of the table it is shown on.
  • New: buttons.exportInfo() method for common export information for harmonisation between buttons.
  • New: Example showing the use of the new export title and messaging options
  • New: title, messageTop and messageBottom options for Excel export. These options will make use of the page title and table caption as approriate by default, showing that information in the exported spreadsheet.
  • New - example: Showing how to include the table footer in the exported data


  • Update: Documentation for buttons.buttons.action now has an example showing how to call a built in action function


  • Fix: Disable decoding of HTML entities for Print export in order to prevent XSS attacks
  • Fix: Nested tables could cause Javascript errors when used with column visibility buttons
  • Fix: Collections list (e.g. colvis menu) position above the button when necessary
  • Fix: csvHtml5 exported file was missing the filename
  • Fix: Extend period before auto print will call window.print() for the print view. This allows more time for stylesheets to be loaded.
  • Fix: Bootstrap 3/4 and Foundation - buttons disabled on initialisation would not show as disabled
  • Fix: Error in description of the column visibility selector example
  • Fix: Cells with the value of 0% were appearing as an empty string in the Excel export
  • Fix: Typos - BUttons rather than Buttons
  • Fix: Typo in buttons.dom example
  • Fix: Build file typo
  • Fix - examples: Typos spotted and reported by @tangerine
  • Fix - examples: Set the name for the TSV export buttons to TSV rather than CSV
  • Fix - docs: buttons.buttons.text example error
  • Fix - docs: Example showing page length button had a JS syntax error

Download Buttons 1.4.0

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 14:06:06 GMT