DataTables releases feed en-us Software release information for DataTables and its extensions Editor 1.6.3 released Editor 1.6.3 is purely a bug fix release that addresses issues found since 1.6.2. No new features, but it is a recommended upgrade for everyone using Editor.


  • Javascript
    • ajax when used as an object for REST didn't provide an option for file upload.
    • postSubmit could be triggered with incorrect parameters when an error state was returned from the server in response to the Editor Ajax request.
    • Memory leak if preOpen was cancelled when used with inline() or bubble() due to an event listener not being correctly removed.
    • Correct sequence of events in bubble() - preOpen should be called after the form options have been applied allowing them to be overridden.
    • Providing a success function for ajax as an object would result in a Javascript error.
    • Fix Sizzle syntax error that was being thrown if a custom id source is used and the format of it doesn't match what Sizzle allows as a DOM id
    • Multi-edit apis might not always detect a multi row edit
  • PHP
    • Improved compatibility with old PHP 5.3.x releases when an SQL exception occurs
  • .NET
    • A couple of methods had missing return documentation statements
    • Options were not being correctly populated when the table was loaded for joined tables.
  • Documentation
    • Typo in standalone collection example
    • Syntax error in an example for buttons()

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Sat, 27 May 2017 14:30:35 GMT
DataTables 1.10.15 released A fast turn around for this release as a bug was found in 1.10.14 which caused a Javascript error when using some API methods. The only change is to address this issue.

  • New: slice() utility method (required to address the above)
  • Fix: Javascript error when unique() was used with a DataTables API instance.

Download DataTables 1.10.15

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 08:25:14 GMT
Editor 1.6.2 released Editor 1.6.2 is primarily a bug fix release that addresses a number of issues that have been found in the Javascript, PHP and .NET libraries. It is a recommended upgrade for all developers using Editor.

There are also a few minor new features such as the template() method to programmatically set the template element, and data-editor-template attribute support as an alternative to custom tags for templates. On the server side the addition of writeCreate and writeEdit events increases the utility of the server-side events, allowing the database to be updated after Editor has written updates to it, but before it reads information back for the client-side.


  • Javascript
    • Templates can use data-editor-template attributes to determine where Editor should insert fields, rather than (or in addition to) the custom <editor-field> elements.
    • When used in local table editing mode (i.e. without ajax) a row id can now be assigned in preSubmit rather than the id always being created by Editor when creating a new row.
    • ajax.deleteBody option which can be used for DELETE verb requests. By default Editor will submit parameters as part of the query string for compatibility with all HTTP servers, but this can optionally be disabled now, allowing the DELETE request to have parameters in the body (which is not supported by all HTTP servers).
    • template() method that can be used to programmatically get and set the template element that Editor will use to display its main form.
    • Ability to provide attributes for input / option elements in select, checkbox and radio field types. This can be used to provide additional meta information for each option for event handlers. These attributes are added by providing an attr option in the object that describes each option.
  • PHP
    • The Upload class now has the option of a where condition being specified allowing the files being returned as a list to be limited to the exact set required.
    • Add a DB_READ_ONLY option for uploaded files to allow information to be obtained from a database about a file, but not written to it (for example if the field's value is written by a trigger)
    • preUpload and postUpload events that can be subscribed to to let you know when the form has performed an upload action.
    • writeCreate and writeEdit events which are triggered after Editor has written the data to the database, but before it is then read back, giving the opportunity to update the database before the DataTable is updated
  • .NET
    • Static Editor.Action() method which can be used to determine what the request type is (e.g. get, create, edit, remove, upload). The overloads available match Editor.Process().
    • PreUpload and PostUpload events that can be subscribed to to let you know when the form has performed an upload action.
    • WriteCreate and WriteEdit events which are triggered after Editor has written the data to the database, but before it is then read back, giving the opportunity to up
    • The Upload class now has the option of a Where condition being specified allowing the files being returned as a list to be limited to the exact set required.
    • Add Upload.DbType.ReadOnly option to allow database values to be read but not written by the upload class.


  • Javascript
    • If using number based ids for rows (i.e. typeof ... === number) rows would not be removed from the table upon delete due to strong type checking against the string stored key value.
    • When using columns.editField the name given should be checked against the field name and not its data source.
    • dependent() wouldn't work with complex fields where the input is not visible, but rather controlled via Javascript - such as Selectize.
    • Allow server-side processing requests to update the table's display for an edit if the draw type is set to none
    • Bootstrap styling should add Bootstrap styling to all input elements, regardless of type, with the exception of radio and checkbox inputs.
    • File upload would cause an error if the option was given as a function
    • Disabled fields could cause a JS error when inline editing
    • Correct error when select is used as a multiple select with a string based value (separator) and a null value is given as the value.
    • Adding cancelOpen to be able to know when an open action has been cancelled by a preOpen handler.
    • Clean up internal event handling if preOpen cancels the opening action
    • Detection of changed values at submit time wouldn't find any enforced changes due to a change in the options available (e.g. in a select list).
    • Multiple row editing would incorrectly always show fields as having different values if they were array based (i.e. Mjoin).
    • Fields added using add() that use an integer for their parameter would not be shown immediately in the form (string based names correctly were).
    • Accept an empty array as a successful JSON response
    • jQuery UI date picker - refocus the input when selecting a date
    • Improved support for Moment locale formats in datetime
    • Correct error in detection of Editor instance being created with new
    • Add support for Moment's locale specific format option (L) in datetime.
    • The date time picker could incorrectly display the wrong date as selected when changing from a value such as 31st January to any date in February (since 31st does not exist in February).
    • Changing the date picker between months which have a different number of days, when the selected day is not in the new months range, could require two clicked.
    • fields.multiEditable would incorrectly show a field as not editable when only editing a single row.
    • Use for Semantic UI require when using AMD loaders
    • JSONP sourced data would result in an error (ajax). To use JSONP with Editor you now must use jQuery 1.12.0 or newer.
  • PHP
    • Compatibility with PHP 5.3 was off in a few places (server-side processing and file upload)
    • Improved error handling with Oracle. SQL error messages now displayed
    • Deleting records from linked tables would result in an SQL error
    • Support for server-side processing in Oracle with 12c+
    • Oracle upload was not returning a newly created file id
    • Store SQL queries in the debug cache before they are prepared, in case the preparation throws an error.
    • maxNum and minMaxNum validators could throw an error if the decimal option was not specified.
    • Mjoin delete without a link table would result in a PHP error.
    • Compatibility with PHP 5.3 when there is an error inserting a compound key
    • Reinitialise the response array every time ->process() is called
    • Improve performance on create / edit action by not querying the database for options (if specified) only for them to be discarded.
    • Set Oracle connection to UTF8 character set by default. Oracle will convert to and from the database's character set to this user defined character set.
  • .NET
    • Demo SQL for SQL Server wouldn't correctly to a cascade delete
    • Post* events emitted by Editor should not have Cancellable properties. These were being incorrectly inherited.
    • Compatibility with .NET Framework 4.0.
    • Reinitialise the response array every time .Process() is called
    • Improve performance on create / edit action by not querying the database for options (if specified) only for them to be discarded.
    • Default renderer for multiple labels in the Options class would not be concatenated together
    • Deleting records from linked tables would result in an SQL error
    • Support for server-side processing in Oracle with 12c+
    • REST example controllers should not have used /{id} for edit and delete when multi-row editing support is enabled (which it is by default in Editor).
  • CSS
    • Bootstrap and Bootstrap 4 integration did not fade the edited row's background
  • Examples
    • RowReorder example should allow the sequence to be edited only via drag and drop
    • Consistent use of this in client-side validation example
    • MySQL 5.7 compatibility for demo SQL
  • Docs
    • Remove incorrect example of field() method
    • Error in template example initialisation demo code
    • Note that initComplete is deprecated

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Mon, 17 Apr 2017 19:56:24 GMT
DataTables 1.10.14 released A bug fix release of DataTables which addresses Bootstrap 4 alpha 6 compatibility and addresses a couple of other issues found recently.

One very welcome change is a major performance improvement when working with the API and large tables. Optimisation of how the selectors work in the API makes selection much faster.


  • Update - CSS: Bootstrap 4 integration for alpha 6 changes


  • Fix: API performance improvement - significantly faster API access for large tables. Testing with a table of 50'000 rows rows().count() is now 23mS execution time, while it was 996mS before!
  • Fix: Make SemanticUI integration stackable
  • Fix: columns.orderData would fail if used with a target index of 0 and it was given as an integer
  • Fix: Restrict CSS rules for scrolling tables, so any styles don't inadvertently apply to child tables
  • Fix: State loading using a custom async callback would not correctly merge in the state
  • Fix - CSS: Columns which are orderable in a single direction only should show a pointer cursor
  • Fix - examples: Tighten up regex check to protect against LFI vulnerability
  • Fix - examples: Use https for web font
  • Fix - docs: Typo in information
  • Fix - docs: filter() example for multiple columns was really poor
  • Fix - docs: Typo in language.infoEmpty
  • Fix - docs: The columns.orderData documentation made it sound like it would work only with multiple columns, whereas it actually works with a single column as well.

Download DataTables 1.10.14

Mon, 17 Apr 2017 19:27:57 GMT
Buttons 1.3.1 released A very quick turn around for this release - it addresses a single issue - the CSS provided couldn't be compiled by SASS.


  • SASS compile error. SASS was generating CSS that it couldn't recompile.

Download Buttons 1.3.1

Mon, 17 Apr 2017 19:19:12 GMT
Buttons 1.3.0 released A nice mix of new features and bug fixes in this release. The primary new feature is the new processing indicators which show when the button is busy. There are also performance improvements, particularly when combined with DataTables 1.10.14.


  • New: File export buttons now have a processing indicator. Useful for tables with a long export time
  • New: button().processing() and buttons().processing() methods which can be used to programmatically enable and disable the button's processing state
  • New: print will now correctly display images from the source table in the print view. This requires exportOptions.stripHtml: false to be set.
  • New: buttons.buttons.titleAttr can now be given as a function, matching the ability of buttons.buttons.text.
  • New: colvis now has a columnText callback option that can be used to customise the text shown for a column's visiblity button.


  • Fix: Excel output where a string was numeric with a leading 0 would result in the 0 being stripped as it was stored as a number. It is now stored as a string.
  • Fix: Remove <script> tags and their contents when exporting data
  • Fix: excelFlash would fail in IE8
  • Fix: Maximum column width mentioned in the documentation was ignored incorrectly
  • Fix: Add role=menu to collection container to improve accessibility
  • Fix: Excel export - modify namespace clean up regex to be correct and more efficient.
  • Fix: null data in Excel export would result in an exception in the column width calculation code.
  • Fix: XLSX export - red background styles for simple text were using the wrong style
  • Fix - docs: Typo in buttons.buttons.key examples
  • Fix - docs: Safari 10.0.x are not supported for the Excel export
  • Fix - example: Typos

Download Buttons 1.3.0

Mon, 17 Apr 2017 15:24:47 GMT
AutoFill 2.2.0 released A single new feature for AutoFill with this release - the ability to enable and disable it via init options and the API.


Download AutoFill 2.2.0

Mon, 17 Apr 2017 15:16:07 GMT
ColReorder 1.3.3 released ColReorder hasn't seen much development recently while I've been working on other aspects of DataTables, so this release is made to bring support for touch screens, which as been available in the source repo for a while, to general availability.


  • New: Support for touch screen devices


Download ColReorder 1.3.3

Mon, 17 Apr 2017 15:09:35 GMT
KeyTable 2.2.1 released No new features or updates in this release, its all about the bug fixes!


  • Fix: Correct indexing error that lead to the first right fixed column (when using FixedColumns and KeyTable together) not being updated
  • Fix: When using Editor, if the preOpen event stops the form from being display, KeyTable should not perform the actions for the form being open
  • Fix: Do not retain focus if cell was removed from table
  • Fix: Don't KeyTable blur on an Editor date input field
  • Fix: If a page change occurs due to keyboard navigation, the original event should not be dropped.
  • Fix: Using tab to focus on a table which has no records showing resulted in a Javascript error

Download KeyTable 2.2.1

Mon, 17 Apr 2017 15:00:25 GMT
Select 1.2.2 released A bug fix release of Select that addresses a number of issues, including a particularly visible one where by a checkbox was incorrectly shown in the thead.


  • New: Events triggered by Select (select and deselect) will now bubble up through the DOM.


  • Fix: Select was incorrectly blurred if select.blurable was enabled and you clicked in the pagination control.
  • Fix: Fast click on a checkbox could incorrectly select it, causing Select to ignore to click.
  • Fix: Blurrable didn't work correctly on pages that had multiple DataTables
  • Fix: Selected item information would not be correctly shown on all table information elements, if there were more than one per table.
  • Fix - CSS: Checkbox should not be shown in header and footer
  • Fix - example: Syntax errors in selected rows button example

Download Select 1.2.2

Mon, 17 Apr 2017 14:52:16 GMT
RowGroup 1.0.0 released A new extension for DataTables that formalises the row grouping API example into a supported plug-in. Full details are available in the blog post.

First release!

Download RowGroup 1.0.0

Fri, 07 Apr 2017 19:24:50 GMT