Since: FixedColumns 3.1.0

Row height matching algorithm to use.
Please note - this property requires the FixedColumns extension for DataTables.


FixedColumns operates by cloning the cells from the original table and then inserting them into the document, positioned visually above the DataTable - thus allowing them to appear fixed.

As the fixed columns are separate HTML tables from the main table the row heights for the two must be matched - otherwise misalignment can occur.

FixedColumns has three different algorithms that it can use:

  • none - will result in no height matching being applied by FixedColumns (height matching could be forced by CSS in this case)
  • semiauto - whereby the height calculation will be performed once, and the result cached to be used again
  • auto - height matching is performed on every draw (slowest but must accurate).




The algorithm to use. This can be one of (see below for full description):

  • none
  • semiauto
  • auto


  • Value: semiauto

The semiauto algorithm is used.


Allow CSS to set the row height:

$('#example').DataTable( {
	fixedColumns: {
		heightMatch: 'none'
} );