Wednesday 29th June, 2011

DataTables support

As DataTables has grown, it has become clear that you, the developers using DataTables, want the option of have professional support at hand for when you need it, and I'm delighted to now be offer that option through the DataTables web-site.

You will notice that in the main site navigation there is now a Support / Buy button which will take you to a very simple form. Here you can select a DataTables support package, where each package is a given amount of support time, and then purchase the package through Google Checkout or PayPal. Support is still conducted through messages in the forum, and with the new forums it is possible to send either public or private support requests to me (perfect if, for example, you are working with confidential information).

Support info box viewIn the information bar on the left of the forums page you will now see a box which links to the new support purchase page. When you purchase a support package this will change into a box showing how much support time you have available on your account (shown in the image on the right). The support time on your account will be updated as I work through your support requests.

As DataTables grows, more support requests are coming in through the forum, and in order to maintain development on DataTables and its supporting software I am unable to keep up with reading all requests, never mind actually being able to take time to give the considered response that each question deserves. As such paid support and continued DataTables development to keep the project moving forward will take priority. Purchasing support for DataTables helps to ensure the project's future.

Looking towards the future, the next step for DataTables development is a bookmarklet to help with debugging of installations; providing information about the state of a table so we can get to the root of a problem much quicker. So please do take up the option of DataTables support!

Thanks to all for your support and please do enjoy continuing to use DataTables!