Friday 25th April, 2014

DataTables 1.10.0 release candidate

Today sees us take another step closer to DataTables 1.10, with 1.10.0 release candidate 1 (1.10.0-rc.1)! Release candidate status for the software means that I think it is ready to go, but would like to ask you all to give it one more spin in your own software and check to see if there are any issues.

If none are found(!), this package will be released as 1.10.0 final next week. If you do find any issues, please do let me know through a forum thread or a GitHub issue. If at all possible, please include a test case showing the issue so I can debug and fix the issue.

Thank you to everyone who have given feedback on DataTables 1.10 so far. 1.10 is shaping up to be a great release thanks to you!

DataTables 1.10

If you are new to DataTables 1.10, please take a minute to look over some of the great new features:

  • camelCase notation
  • An entirely new API
  • New site, new documentation
  • Improved styling
  • And much more!

To learn more, please see:

Changes since beta 2

The changes since beta 2 are primarily fixes to minor issues that have been identified during the testing of DataTables 1.10. However, there are a few note worthy changes:


Thanks to the input of James Craig, one of the WAI-ARIA authors, I've been able to make a number of improvements to the accessibility of DataTables. This includes more polite screen-reading, better data accessibility and improved keyboard navigation.

Smart filtering

Here the thanks go to Barry Keepence who has provided a way for DataTables' smart filtering to provide exact string matching over multiple words. Google provides this ability by enclosing strings in double quotes, and DataTables now also matches this ability. For example, if you search for "Fiona Cameron" only rows that exactly match that phrase will be returned.

Responsive CSS

As mobile and tablet web usage continues to sore, it is important that DataTables ensures that the data in your tables is accessible even on devices with small screens. The default CSS of DataTables now works better on small screen devices by altering the layout of the filtering, paging, information and length control elements to present a cleaner interface.

More to come on the responsive front once v1.10.0 is available!


I'm very excited about DataTables 1.10 and the up coming 1.10.0 release! Together with Editor 1.3, it will be released next week and you'll see a lot of major differences to this and the Editor sites. I'll post more thoughts on the future direction of DataTables once 1.10 is available, but for now, please do test with the release candidate!