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DataTables is open source software, free for you to use and modify. The DataTables distribution includes a wide range of examples, the source files and a collection of extensions. Download using the button below:

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New in v1.10 | Upgrade notes

DataTables and all of its extensions are available for download in a zip file, which can be accessed using the table below.

Software Version Date Changes Download
DataTables 1.10.13 - - Download
AutoFill 2.1.3 - - Download
Buttons 1.2.4 - - Download
ColReorder 1.3.2 - - Download
Editor 1.6.1 - Changes Download
FixedColumns 3.2.2 - - Download
FixedHeader 3.1.2 - - Download
KeyTable 2.2.0 - - Download
Responsive 2.1.1 - - Download
RowReorder 1.2.0 - - Download
Scroller 1.4.2 - - Download
Select 1.2.0 - - Download

Note Apologies for the lack of date and change information at the moment.

The following extensions have been retired and replaced with the software available above. In the case of TableTools, its functionality has been split between Buttons and Select, and ColVis has been moved into a Buttons plug-in. The downloads below are for the last versions of this software and it is unlikely that there will be any future updates to them.

Software Version Date Changes Download
ColVis 1.1.2 1st Apr 2015, 13:59 - Download
TableTools 2.2.4 1st April 2015, 02:02 - Download