Show / hide the processing indicator via the API

Externally trigger the display of DataTables' "processing" indicator.

Plug-in code

jQuery.fn.dataTable.Api.register( 'processing()', function ( show ) {
    return this.iterator( 'table', function ( ctx ) {
        ctx.oApi._fnProcessingDisplay( ctx, show );
    } );
} );


This plug-in is available on the DataTables CDN:


Note that if you are using multiple plug-ins, it is beneficial in terms of performance to combine the plug-ins into a single file and host it on your own server, rather than making multiple requests to the DataTables CDN.

Version control

If you have any ideas for how this plug-in can be improved, or spot anything that is in error, it is available on GitHub and pull requests are very welcome!


// Show a processing indicator for two seconds on initialisation
  var table = $('#example').DataTable( {
    processing: true
  } );

  table.processing( true );

  setTimeout( function () {
    table.processing( false );
  }, 2000 );