Accent neutralise

Replace accented characters with unaccented counterparts

  • Author: Allan Jardine

When search a table with accented characters, it can be frustrating to have an input such as Zurich not match Zürich in the table (u !== ü). This type based search plug-in replaces the built-in string formatter in DataTables with a function that will remove replace the accented characters with their unaccented counterparts for fast and easy filtering.

Note that with the accented characters being replaced, a search input using accented characters will no longer match. The second example below shows how the function can be used to remove accents from the search input as well, to mitigate this problem.

Plug-in code


function removeAccents ( data ) {
    return data
        .replace( /έ/g, 'ε' )
        .replace( /[ύϋΰ]/g, 'υ' )
        .replace( /ό/g, 'ο' )
        .replace( /ώ/g, 'ω' )
        .replace( /ά/g, 'α' )
        .replace( /[ίϊΐ]/g, 'ι' )
        .replace( /ή/g, 'η' )
        .replace( /\n/g, ' ' )
        .replace( /á/g, 'a' )
        .replace( /é/g, 'e' )
        .replace( /í/g, 'i' )
        .replace( /ó/g, 'o' )
        .replace( /ú/g, 'u' )
        .replace( /ê/g, 'e' )
        .replace( /î/g, 'i' )
        .replace( /ô/g, 'o' )
        .replace( /è/g, 'e' )
        .replace( /ï/g, 'i' )
        .replace( /ü/g, 'u' )
        .replace( /ã/g, 'a' )
        .replace( /õ/g, 'o' )
        .replace( /ç/g, 'c' )
        .replace( /ì/g, 'i' );

var searchType =;

searchType.string = function ( data ) {
    return ! data ?
        '' :
        typeof data === 'string' ?
            removeAccents( data ) :

searchType.html = function ( data ) {
    return ! data ?
        '' :
        typeof data === 'string' ?
            removeAccents( data.replace( /<.*?>/g, '' ) ) :



This plug-in is available on the DataTables CDN:


Note that if you are using multiple plug-ins, it is beneficial in terms of performance to combine the plug-ins into a single file and host it on your own server, rather than making multiple requests to the DataTables CDN.

Version control

If you have any ideas for how this plug-in can be improved, or spot anything that is in error, it is available on GitHub and pull requests are very welcome!


$(document).ready(function() {
  } );
$(document).ready(function() {
      var table = $('#example').dataTable();

      // Remove accented character from search input as well
      $('#myInput').keyup( function () {
   this.value )
      } );
  } );