Since: DataTables 1.10

Version number compatibility check function.


This method provides the ability for plug-in developers to check a required version number against the running version of DataTables. For example, a plug-in such as Buttons might require DataTables 1.10.7 or newer. This method provides the ability to check that.

Please note that this is a static function and is accessed through the $.fn.dataTable object, not an API instance. It can be accessed at any time, even before any DataTables have been created on the page.


function versionCheck( version )


Check the compatibility of the running version of DataTables against a version string


true if this version of DataTables is greater or equal to the required version, or false if this version of DataTales is not suitable


Check the compatibility of DataTables:

if ( ! $.fn.dataTable.versionCheck( '1.10.7' ) ) {
	alert( 'A newer version of DataTables is required' );