Since: Editor 1.5.0

Get the Editor instance associated with this table.
Please note - this property requires the Editor extension for DataTables.


This method can be used to obtain the Editor instance, and thus Editor's full API), that has been assigned to a DataTable through the DataTables API. This can be particularly convenient when working in a complex environment where passing an extra variable around (the Editor instance) could add additional work.

This works as the DataTables API provides the ability to obtain an API instance to the table at any time using a jQuery selector and the $().DataTable() method.

The Editor instance used by this method is the last Editor instance created that refers to this table when the table was constructed. This consideration is only important when using multiple Editor instances.


function editor()


Edit a cell using the inline or bubble editing methods of Editor.


The Editor instance for the table.


Use Editor's API to create 2 new rows (assumes the Editor has already been constructed!):

var myTable = new DataTable('#myTable');
var editor = myTable.editor();