Since: FixedHeader 3.1.0

Get / set the fixed footer's offset.
Please note - this property requires the FixedHeader extension for DataTables.


This method provides the ability to control the offset of the table's fixed footer. This offset can be useful if you have an element floating at the bottom of a page (a set of common navigation links for example) and you wish to have the footer stick to the top of that element rather than to the bottom of the page.

This method, and its counterpart control for the header, fixedHeader.headerOffset(), can be useful for cases where that offset can change dynamically (a fixed element that grows on mouse over for example).

Please be aware that the footer's position will immediately update once this method has been executed, if required by the page's scrolling position. No other update method is required.


function fixedHeader.footerOffset()


Get the fixed footer's offset.


The current footer offset

function fixedHeader.footerOffset( offset )


Set the fixed footer's offset


The DataTables API for chaining


Set the footer's offset:

var table = $('#myTable').DataTable();

table.fixedHeader.footerOffset( 10 );


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