Since: Editor 1.6.0

A button that will edit an existing row using Editor.
Please note - this property requires the Editor extension for DataTables.


This button provides the same functionality and options as the edit with the sole exception that it is enabled only when a single row is selected in the table. Unlike edit if multiple rows are selected this button will be shown as disabled (see also `-button selectedSingle).

This can be useful if your data processing scripts that accept the edited data to be saved into a database do not support multi-row editing.

For full documentation of the options that this button presents, please refer to the edit reference documentation.


A single, simple edit button for the Editor instance myEditor:

$('#myTable').DataTable( {
	buttons: [
			extend: 'editSingle',
			editor: myEditor
} );

Create, edit and remove buttons, all with default options:

$('#myTable').DataTable( {
	buttons: [
		{ extend: 'create',     editor: myEditor },
		{ extend: 'editSingle', editor: myEditor },
		{ extend: 'remove',     editor: myEditor }
} );