Since: Select 1.0.0

Button that is enabled when one or more items are selected in the table.
Please note - this property requires the Select extension for DataTables.


When working with item selection in a DataTable you will typically wish to provide your end users with the ability to take some kind of action when items are selected. This button provides a basic framework for that, as it is dynamically enabled and disabled automatically as items in the table are selected.

By providing an action function (buttons.buttons.action / button().action()) this button can be used to perform whatever operation is required on the table and its selected items.


DataTables initialisation: Count the number of selected rows:

new DataTable('#myTable', {
	buttons: [
			extend: 'selected',
			text: 'Count selected rows',
			action: function (e, dt, button, config) {
					dt.rows({ selected: true }).indexes().length + ' row(s) selected'