Since: DataTables 2.0.0

Initialisation of a DataTable - options passed.


This event is triggered before DataTables does any processing of the parameters passed into it. As such, this can be useful to set defaults, transform a configuration given else where (e.g. custom HTML) or for plug-in authors that require specific options to be configured.

Unlike the other events triggered by DataTables there is no access to the DataTables API for the table when this event is fired as the API hasn't yet been initialised for the table.

Please note that, as with all DataTables emitted events, the event object has a DataTables API instance available on it (the first parameter). Additionally, the events are triggered with the dt namespace. As such, to listen for this event, you must also use the dt namespace by simply appending .dt to your event name, as shown in the example below.


function function( e, options )



The following options are directly related and may also be useful in your application development.