Since: SearchBuilder 1.0.0

Define custom conditions for SearchBuilder.
Please note - this property requires the SearchBuilder extension for DataTables.


This parameter allows custom conditions to be defined for SearchBuilder (based on data type and the condition itself).

Note: Please also not that custom conditions are not supported when the serverSide option is set to true!


There are two examples that create custom conditions using initialisation options. They both show how to add a custom condition to the num column type, but the process is the same for other column types.

There is also an example that shows how to use a plug-in to add a custom condition.




This is a 2D object, keyed first by the data type that the condition should apply to and then by the condition itself. The condition object must have the structure defined by SearchBuilder.Condition.


  • Value: Object

By default, SearchBuilder populates this object with its own predefined search conditions for the various data types built in to DataTables.


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