Since: SearchPanes 1.0.0

Set the message to be displayed in the count column when not searching.
Please note - this property requires the SearchPanes extension for DataTables.


SearchPanes will set the count column to display the total number of different values visible in the column when no filtering is taking place.

SearchPanes replace two strings when creating the output for the count column: {shown} is the count for each different value that is currently displayed in the DataTable, {total} is the total count for each different value that is in the DataTable. When no filtering is taking place, {total} and {shown} will be the same value.

Both of the above strings can be included in the count message although they will be the same when no filtering is taking place.

This message will be shown regardless of the value of searchPanes.viewTotal, although it will only change to the message in searchPanes.i18n.countFiltered when searchPanes.viewTotal is true.

This option will default to the value given by language.searchPanes.count, which should generally be preferred over this option as the language strings can be loaded by Ajax and shared for the whole table, but if needed, this option is available to override that on a per instance basis.




searchPanes.i18n.count changes what will be displayed in the count column if not filtering.


  • Value: {total}

The default value for the searchPanes.i18n.count parameter is {total}.


Change messages for row count::

new DataTable('#myTable', {
	layout: {
		top1: {
			searchPanes: {
				viewTotal: true,
				i18n: {
					count: '{total} found',
					countFiltered: '{shown} ({total})'


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