Since: AutoFill 2.0.0

Always ask the end user if an action should be taken or not.
Please note - this property requires the AutoFill extension for DataTables.


When an auto fill is completed by the end user, AutoFill will determine how many data fill plug-ins can be used for the data that has been dragged over. If there are multiple options it will display a list of those options to the end user allowing them to select the action to perform - a cancel button is also shown.

By default, if there is only a single data fill plug-in that can operate on the data, it will be immediately acted upon, no confirmation required by the end user and no option to cancel the action.

This option can be used to force AutoFill to confirm the action to take, even if there is only one option. This provides the end user with the ability to cancel the action if they made a mistake during the drag.



  • false - Proceed with the fill, without asking the end user if there is only one option
  • true - Always ask the end user, before doing the fill, even if there is only one option.


  • Value: false

Fill will occur automatically if there is only one fill option.


Always ask the end user if the fill should proceed.:

new DataTable('#myTable', {
	autoFill: {
		alwaysAsk: true