Since: KeyTable 2.0.0

Limit the keys that KeyTable will listen for and take action on.
Please note - this property requires the KeyTable extension for DataTables.


This option can be used to gain fine control over which keys KeyTable will listen for. The keys.enable() and keys.disable() methods can be used to enable and disable KeyTable completely, but this option provides the ability to specify the character codes that KeyTable will take action on when enabled.

This can be used, for example, to listen only for arrow and return keys (effectively disabling the tab key), or only the tab key.

You can hard code the character code values if you wish, but a more flexible and potentially understandable option is to use the String.charCodeAt() method to obtain a character code - for example to get the tab key use "\t".charCodeAt(0).




As null KeyTable will listen for all key presses, regardless of what key is pressed. As an array you can limit the keys that KeyTable will take action on to just the key codes given in the array.


  • Value: null

Listen for all keys


Listen for the tab key only:

new DataTable('#myTable', {
	keys: {
		keys: ['\t'.charCodeAt(0)]