Since: SearchPanes SearchPanes 1.0.0

Add internationalisation to the empty message displayed as a pane option.
Please note - this property requires the SearchPanes extension for DataTables.


Empty cells will be represented in the panes by the option language.searchPanes.emptyMessage. This is useful as it's a more user-friendly way than just having a blank cell. The value is passed through the i18n() function.

        This value superseeds `-init searchPanes.emptyMessage` and `-init columns.searchPanes.emptyMessage`. If it is desired for those values to be used `-init language.searchPanes.emptyMessage` should be undefined, as it is by default. When this is the case the two previous options will be used.




By setting the language.searchPanes.emptyMessage option to a string, any empty cells found in the table will be represented in the pane by that string.


  • Value: undefined

The default value for the language.searchPanes.emptyMessage parameter is undefined. This means that the value of searchPanes.emptyMessage will be used. That value is \<i\>No Data\</i\>.


Altering Empty Message:

$(document).ready(function() {
    var dt = $('#example').DataTable({
        language: {
            searchPanes: {
                emptyMessage: "</i></b>EMPTY</b></i>"
		dom: 'Plfrtip'


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