Since: DataTables 1.10

Highlight the columns being ordered in the table's body.


DataTables highlight the columns which are used to order the content in the table's body by adding a class to the cells in that column, which in turn has CSS applied to those classes to highlight those cells.

This is done by the addition of the classes sorting_1, sorting_2 and sorting_3 to the columns which are currently being ordered on. The integer value indicates the level of sorting when mutli-column sorting. If more than 3 columns are being ordered upon, the sorting_3 class is repeated.

Please note that this feature can affect performance, particularly in old browsers and when there are a lot of rows to be displayed as it is manipulating a large number of DOM elements. As such, this option is available as a feature switch to allow this feature to be disabled with working with old browsers or large data sets.


This option can be given in the following type(s):




Disable column sorting classes:

new DataTable('#myTable', {
	orderClasses: false


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