Since: DataTables 1.10

Pagination button display options.


As of v2.1 this feature has been deprecated. This feature will be removed from version 3.0.


This option sets the paging type for all paging table feature controls used for a table. The values it can take are defined in paging.type, which be used to override this option (as of DataTables 2).

Please note that the default value of this parameter was changed in DataTables 2. It is now full_numbers, while in DataTables 1.x it was simple_numbers. This change was made as the paging control in DataTables 2 is now responsive and also uses icons for the fixed buttons.


This option can be given in the following type(s):


  • Value: full_numbers


Use the simple_numbers type of pagination control:

new DataTable('#myTable', {
	pagingType: 'simple_numbers'


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