Tuesday 15th July, 2014

DataTables 1.10.1, Editor 1.3.2 and more

I'm delighted to announce the release of both DataTables 1.10.1 and Editor 1.3.2. In addition to these releases all DataTables extensions have also been updated and released. The current releases for all DataTables software is:

Software Version Release notes
DataTables 1.10.1 Release notes
Editor 1.3.2 Release notes
AutoFill 1.2.1 Release notes
ColReorder 1.1.2 Release notes
ColVis 1.1.1 Release notes
FixedColumns 3.0.2 Release notes
FixedHeader 2.1.2 Release notes
KeyTable 1.2.1 Release notes
Responsive 1.0.0 Release notes
Scroller 1.2.2 Release notes
TableTools 2.2.2 Release notes

The latest versions can be downloaded from the DataTables download page and the Editor download page.

These releases are all minor bug fix releases that resolve some issues that have been brought to light recently.


This is the first bug fix release in the DataTables 1.10.x series. Containing 32 individual bug fixes (release notes the focus here is very much on stability and addressing the issues that have been found since the first release of 1.10. 1.10 has proven to be a successful upgrade with its new API, naming scheme and documentation in particular providing to be popular. Thank you to everyone for your feedback, and please keep it coming.

Although primarily focused on bug fixes, there are a few new features worth highlighting.

State saving

The state saving object used by DataTables has been updated to use the same naming scheme as the rest of DataTables 1.10. The object is also note defined in the documentation (stateSave) and is considered to be an API so it won't change in future. Having said that, keep in mind that future versions may add additional options, as can extensions to DataTables such as ColReorder.

State saving now also has four API methods that can be used:

These methods are primarily designed for plug-in authors to be able to manipulate the state saving object for their software, although some might be useful in other cases, such as clearing state of logout.


DataTables 1.10 introduces a new stylesheet, with a number of features that can optionally be enabled using a class name on the table element. 1.10.1's stylesheet has been updated to add two new options:

  • compact - Reduce the amount of white-space the default styling for the DataTable uses
  • nowrap - Stop the browser from wrapping text to a new line

Additionally the stylesheet also now has classes that can be used to provide basic styles for the table's content. These are limited to text justification only at the moment, but can be applied to the header, body or both as required simply by adding a class name (columns.className). The manual contains a full description of these options.

Search place holder

HTML5 introduces the placeholder attribute for input elements. DataTables now has the option to use that attribute for its built in global search box through the language.searchPlaceholder option. For example:

$('#example').dataTable( {
    language: {
        searchPlaceholder: "Search records"
} );

There is no default value for language.searchPlaceholder so to use a place holder in the search input box, you must specify a value.


As with the other releases, this is a fairly minor update to Editor, addressing all known issues with the software. One important point to make is that due to an error that spans over both Editor and TableTools, Editor 1.3.2 requires TableTools 2.2.2 or newer if you are using TableTools with Editor (i.e. the three buttons that you will see at the top left of the majority of the Editor demo tables.