Since: DataTables 1.10

Get the column index of the selected column.


DataTables stores the data for rows and columns in internal indexes for fast ordering, searching etc. It can be useful at times to know what these indexes are, as they can be used for efficient selectors in the row(), column() and other API methods which use selectors.

This method is used to retrieve the index of the selected column. By default it will return the column data index (i.e. column visibility is not taken into consideration), but by passing visible as the first parameter to the method, the returned indexes will be the columns' visible index, which does take into account hidden columns (for example if column 0 is hidden, all following columns would have their visible index shifted by 1).


function column().index( [type] )


Get the column index of the selected column.


The column index for the selected column.


Get a column's visible index:

var table = new DataTable('#myTable');


var idx = table.column(1).index('visible');
alert(idx); // will show 0


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