Since: StateRestore 1.0.0

Create a new state.
Please note - this property requires the StateRestore extension for DataTables.


This method provides the ability to create a new state that is managed by the StateRestore extension.

stateRestore.state.add() takes one argument, identifier. This string is used to identify the state throughout StateRestore. It is used when naming the state in whatever storage method is selected and is also shown in the state's button.

The object that is returned within the DataTables API result set, represents the state that is present in the table at the time of saving.


function stateRestore.state.add()


Creates a new StateRestore instance.


Returns a DataTables API for chaining, with the object containing the state that has been extracted from the table in the result set.


Add a new state called 'New State':

var table = new DataTable('#myTable', {
	layout: {
		topStart: {
			buttons: ['createState', 'savedStates']

table.stateRestore.state.add('New State');