Since: Responsive 2.0.0

Set column's visibility priority.
Please note - this property requires the Responsive extension for DataTables.


Responsive will automatically remove columns from the right-hand-side of the table when a table is too wide for a given display. Although this is a useful default, you may want to control the order in which columns are hidden. This parameter provides that ability by setting a visibility priority order.

The value given will set the column's visibility priority with a lower number representing a higher priority in terms of staying visible in the table. For example a column with a priority of 2 will be removed from the display before a column with priority 1, regardless of the order that they appear in the table.

This can be particularly useful for cases where you wish to keep the right-hand column(s) visible if they contain action buttons or other important information.

The column priority can also be defined by a data-priority attribute on the column's header cell (for example <th data-priority="1">First name</th>). If both a data-priority attribute and a columns.responsivePriority value has been set for a single column, the columns.responsivePriority value will always be used.




The priority is an integer value where lower numbers are given a higher priority (i.e. a column with priority 2 will be hidden before a column with priority 1).

It is expected that the priority given should be >=0, but it is technically possible to use negative numbers to increase priority for important columns.


  • Value: undefined

The default value for this parameter is undefined. When Responsive finds an undefined priority value it will automatically set the column's priority to 10000.


Give priority to the first and last columns:

new DataTable('#myTable', {
	responsive: true,
	columnDefs: [
		{ responsivePriority: 1, targets: 0 },
		{ responsivePriority: 2, targets: -1 }

Hide columns from the left to the right:

new DataTable('#myTable', {
	responsive: true,
	columns: [
		{ responsivePriority: 6 },
		{ responsivePriority: 5 },
		{ responsivePriority: 4 },
		{ responsivePriority: 3 },
		{ responsivePriority: 2 },
		{ responsivePriority: 1 }