Since: SearchBuilder 1.0.0

Set values of orthogonal data for rendering functions.
Please note - this property requires the SearchBuilder extension for DataTables.


SearchBuilder uses these when getting display and filter values for selects. It is also used to apply filtering correctly. SearchBuilder will extract data from the table and format it using whatever rendering function that is defined by columns.render.

columns.SearchBuilder.orthogonal is also available to be used within a custom condition defined using searchBuilder.conditions[type]. By changing the values of orthogonal.search or orthogonal.display allows these values to be accessed easily within your custom functions.

columns.searchPanes.orthogonal is normally only defined as a string when dealing with arrays.




This is the default type of columns.SearchBuilder.orthogonal. If this is in place then the SearchBuilder will display the same values displayed in the DataTable and will search the DataTable using the same raw Data.


  • Value: object

The default value of the columns.searchBuilder.orthogonal object is shown below

orthogonal: {
    search: 'filter',
    display: 'display'

This means that as standard the pane will display the same data as the DataTable, and search using the original data from the DataTable.


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