Since: SearchBuilder 1.0.0

The object containing the condition names for a specific type.
Please note - this property requires the SearchBuilder extension for DataTables.


This is useful as it allows condition names to be customised within SearchBuilder. This allows for Internationalisation to take place, meaning that SearchBuilder can be fully adapted to different languages.

Each key-value pair on the language.searchBuilder.conditions[type] object is made up of a key and a string. The key being whatever the condition is normally referred to and the string being the replacement value that is to take it's place. It is also worth noting that here, [type] is whatever the type is from any of...

  • string
  • date
  • num
  • array




An object populated with key-value pairs of strings that are used to represent conditions in the condition select element. These strings are passed through an i18n() function.


  • Value: object


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