Since: SearchBuilder 1.2.0

The data type of the column.
Please note - this property requires the SearchBuilder extension for DataTables.


This property is only required in the searchBuilder.preDefined object when using server-side processing. This means that the server can tell the type of the field that the search is being applied to. In some cases this is required as the behaviour of some conditions are slightly different between column types. When using a client-side configuration this property will make no changes to the behaviour of SearchBuilder.

The other extra option that is required when using server-side processing is the searchBuilder.preDefined.criteria.origData property that is used to tell the server-side scripts what field to filter on.

For more information on preDefined searches please refer to the searchBuilder.preDefined option or the manual page.




The type of the column that the condition is being applied to.


  • Value: undefined


Defining a preDefined criteria for the Office column:

$('#example').DataTable( {
	dom: 'Qlfrtip',
	searchBuilder: {
		preDefined: {
					condition: '=',
					data: 'Office',
					type: 'string',
					value: ['Edinburgh']
			logic: 'AND'


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