As open source software, DataTables is free for you to investigate its source, and I would very much encourage you to do so and contribute any changes you make back to the project so others can also benefit. This section of the manual describes how you can build DataTables from source, contribute code and the planned road map for DataTables.

Building DataTables

DataTables is essentially one large Javascript file, but its source is split into manageable individual files that are combined to create the main library file. This is DataTables build process and if you'd like to modify DataTables from source you'll need to go through this process. Read more »


Open source makes the world go round and this is possible due to the contributions of the community developers adding features and addressing issues as they require. Like all open source software, DataTables thrives on contributions, so if you are thinking of joining in, firstly, thank you and secondly, continue reading! Read more »


DataTables is a constantly evolving project, with new capabilities and options regularly being added to the core library and its supporting plug-ins. This document sets out the long term vision for DataTables, describing the features and abilities of upcoming versions. Read more »