Since: Scroller 1.3.0

Scroll to a specific row.
Please note - this property requires the Scroller extension for DataTables.


This method can be used to jump to a specific row in the DataTable. The row is selected using the row() method, so all of the options available for the row-selector data type are available.

Please note that it is not always possible to select all rows in the table using the row() selector method - specifically when server-side processing is enabled, only the rows that are loaded into the client-side can be selected. If you need to jump to a specific display index, use the scroller.toPosition() method.


function row().scrollTo( animate )


Redraw the table's scrolling display to show the row selected by the row() method.


DataTables API instance for chaining


Animated scroll to row index 100:

table.row( 100 ).scrollTo();

Immediate draw at row index 0:

table.row( 0 ).scrollTo(false);


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