Since: DataTables 1.10

Iterate over the contents of the API result set.


This method makes use of the fact that DataTables API objects are "array like", in that they inherit a lot of the abilities and methods of the Javascript Array type.

Note that when working with the plural methods such as rows() and columns() you may wish to use the rows().every(), columns().every() and cells().every() methods to iterate over each row, column or cell with the context set to that table element. This might sound a little complicated, but it can significantly simplify your code! Please refer to the documentation for each of the every methods for full details.

The each() method is a proxy for the Javascript Array.prototype.forEach method and is provided as a utility method for the DataTables API. For more information about the original method, please refer to the Mozilla MDN documentation for forEach. In browsers which do not support forEach natively, a polyfill is provided to allow this DataTables method to operate as expected.


function each( fn )


Iterate over the contents of the API result set.


Original API instance that was used. For chaining.


Loop over the data from a column:

var table = new DataTable('#myTable');

	.each(function (value, index) {
		console.log('Data in index: ' + index + ' is: ' + value);