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get row index using unique column value
  • I have a table which has "ID" column that displays values from the database table.
    Need help with jquery selector to get the index of the row in the datatable using ID column value
    For eg, row with ID = 3 may be displayed as row 10 in the table to need that rows index to use in
    fnGetData ( rowIndex)
  • appreciate any help...
  • Again I am trying to get the row index based on the unique text from ID column
    Also I am loading the datatable with bServerSide as false ( default)
    I tried using jQuery selector as below, but didnt work, any pointers will help

    oTable.fnGetPosition($("#mytable tbody td:eq(myColTxt)")[0]);
  • I expect you will have solved this by now, but it sounds like this is what you're looking for:
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