IE9 bug - hover on rows

IE9 bug - hover on rows

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I found a bug in IE9 where the pagination container jumps around under the datatable when you use a hover effect on the datatable rows.

#example tr:hover td
background-color: #881A28;
color: white;

This happens if you active the sScrollX property.

See here for example:,html

Just move the mouse cursor over the datatable rows and you will see the bug.

I solved this by setting the scrollbody to height: 100%. in the datatable.css

height: 100%;

But this is of cause a minor hack :), because I don't have the time to debug the js code atm :-/.

I didn't find this bug in Chrome or IE8.


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    Thanks for flagging it up. In fairness I don't think this is a bug in DataTables, but rather in IE. I will try to look at it in the near future to find a workaround.

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