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DataTables 1.5.1 released
  • Hello all,

    Now that the dust has settled from the 1.5.0 release and there has been time for to it be "bashed around" a bit, a number of bugs have come to light. These have been addressed in this new 1.5.1 release which focuses solely on stabilisation.

    You can download DataTables 1.5.1 here:

    Full release notes:

    Also, please make a donation to help support DataTables for future releases and support in this forum :-) :


  • Hi Allan,

    I found the following
    nPrevious.setAttribute( 'id', oSettings.sTableId+'_previous' );
    nPrevious.setAttribute( 'id', oSettings.sTableId+'_previous' );
    and should be:
    nFirst.setAttribute( 'id', oSettings.sTableId+'_first' );
    nPrevious.setAttribute( 'id', oSettings.sTableId+'_previous' );
  • Hi johnny2002,

    Yup - nice one. That will be in the next release. Thanks for pointing that out :-)

  • Thank you for quickly coming up with the fix !
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