Pipeline & POST

Pipeline & POST

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It seems that currently when your using the pipeline feature that it uses $_GET .
$_GET is not available for use on my server . Is there a way to use pipeline with POST?


  • I know that you have to use .post instead of getJson , but after that. i get confused
  • Ok, figured it out.

    For anyone wondering.

    in the function fnDataTablesPipeline


    $.getJSON( sSource, aoData, function (json) {
    /* Callback processing */
    oCache.lastJson = jQuery.extend(true, {}, json);

    if ( oCache.iCacheLower != oCache.iDisplayStart )
    json.aaData.splice( 0, oCache.iDisplayStart-oCache.iCacheLower );
    json.aaData.splice( oCache.iDisplayLength, json.aaData.length );

    } );


    jQuery.post( sSource, aoData, function (data) {
    /* Callback processing */
    oCache.lastJson = jQuery.extend(true, {}, data);

    if ( oCache.iCacheLower != oCache.iDisplayStart )
    data.aaData.splice( 0, oCache.iDisplayStart-oCache.iCacheLower );
    data.aaData.splice( oCache.iDisplayLength, data.aaData.length );

    },"json" );

    This appears to work. Basically its saying instead of using GET use POST and then return the POST data as json
  • Allan, is there a way to cache all previously viewed pages?
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    Hi elmezie,

    There isn't a method of doing that at the moment - but there is no reason why the pipelining method couldn't be modified to do that if you feel like a hack :-). You'd need to ensure that all the variables match exactly as before (length, sorting, filtering etc) before returning results from the cache, but it would certainly be possible.

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