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Retrieve data from other mysql tables
  • Hello everyone!

    The default server-side script retrieves the data from a certain mysql table. No problem with that. But i want to use other mysql tables with it. For example, in a table named people, there are columns for name, age, job. And in the job column there is an id number of the jobs from another mysql table. So when i use it normally, its output is like:

    John 30 3

    But i want to make this like:

    John 30 Engineer

    How can i do it?
  • So you want to do a JOIN on two tables? Have a look at this script:

  • Yes, this code does the JOIN but when i type something in the search section, i got this warning twice:
    "DataTables warning: JSON data from server could not be parsed. This is caused by a JSON formatting error."

    Also, Allan, I think you should add more documents about customization of the server-side version of the script that make us able to do what we want on this script.
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