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the fnReloadAjax function does not work well
  • when i use datatable 1.9, it goes well. but when i coding with jquery.dataTables.editable.js ,the function does not work anymore.
    code like this:
    var exoTable;
    exoTable = $('#examples').dataTable({ bJQueryUI: true,
    								"bProcessing": true,
    								"bRetrieve": true,
    								"bServerSide": true,
    								"sAjaxSource": "xxxx.action?",
    							"sPaginationType": "full_numbers",
    							"aoColumns": [
                  							{  "sName": "DRUGCODE",
                               "bSearchable": false,
                               "bSortable": false
    			                { "sName": "COMPANY_NAME" },
    			                { "sName": "ADDRESS"},
    			                { "sName": "TOWN" }]
    									sUpdateURL : "xxxx.action,
    									"aoColumns": [
    									            	  indicator: 'Saving...',
    									                  tooltip: 'Click to select town',
    									                  loadtext: 'loading...',
    									                  type: 'select',
    									                  onblur: 'submit',
    									            	  indicator: 'Saving...',
    									                  tooltip: 'Click to edit',
    									                  loadtext: 'loading...',
    									                  type: 'text',
    									                  onblur: 'submit'
                                 		sAddURL: "XXX.action",
                                 		sAddHttpMethod: "GET",
                                        sDeleteHttpMethod: "GET",
    									sDeleteURL: "XXX.action",
    									fnOnEditing: function(input)
    										return true;
    									oAddNewRowButtonOptions: {	label: "Add...",
    													icons: {primary:'ui-icon-plus'} 
    									oDeleteRowButtonOptions: {	label: "Remove", 
    													icons: {primary:'ui-icon-trash'}
    									oAddNewRowFormOptions: { 	
                                                        title: 'Add a new browser',
    													show: "blind",
    													hide: "explode",
                                                        modal: true
    									}	,
    sAddDeleteToolbarSelector: ".dataTables_length"});
    after this ,
    exoTable.fnReloadAjax( "xxxx.action");
    ,but it does not work.

    File: jquery.dataTables.min.js
    * Version: 1.7.5
    the jquery.datatable.editable. can goes well. but when i change the jquery.dataTables.min.js version 1.9 , it can not work.

    is there anything different in fnReloadAjax? Allan? Could you help me.Thanks a lot.
  • I upgraded to 1.9 and the fnReloadAjax() function stopped working for me as well. Any thoughts on the solution to this issue?

  • "sAjaxSource":xxxx.action?presc_code=xxx"
    I mean, when i click a button ,the "sAjaxSource" params after the url changed. Sometimes,Allan answer ""
    fnServerData": function ( sSource, aoData, fnCallback ) {
    									/* Add some extra data to the sender */
    									aoData.push( { "presc_code=": "0001"} );
    									$.getJSON( sSource, aoData, function (json) { 
    										/* Do whatever additional processing you want on the callback, then tell DataTables */
    									} );
    but how to change the extra data? who can help me? I want to change the "presc_code=" value when i click a button or change a select.
    Thanks anyway.
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