Can't display a row after fnAddDataAndDisplay

Can't display a row after fnAddDataAndDisplay

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I have a table that retrieves a Json array via Ajax. It allows editing and adding records via dialog edit forms. After an edit, I use API plugin code like this:

(I've retrieved the index by stepping through fnGetData to find the key.) This works fine.

However, when I *add* a data row using code like this:

oTable.fnAddDataAndDisplay(row); // from the plugin
..the row doesn't appear.

I've verified that the index is set correctly and the row exists. And I can filter for it with sSearch or fnFilter, or manually page through to it.

I believe this is because the nTr isn't going to exist on a row that's never been displayed -- so since oTable.fnSettings().aoData[index].nTr is null, fnDisplayRow(fnDisplayRow(oTable.fnSettings().aoData[index].nTr) is going to fail. The line in the plugin:

var nAdded = oSettings.aoData[ iAdded ].nTr;
is also producing a null. iAdded is correctly calculated.

Any idea what's wrong with my new table row? Stepping through code now but if you happen to have seen this before...




  • Still fussing with this -- FWIW, it seems that it's unrelated to the fact of having just added a row. Only the first 29 rows produce non-null nTr results.
  • Simple enough solution, I just added a

    oTable.fnPageChange( 'last' );
    before the row navigation. But I'd love to know what I was doing wrong!
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