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Server get request, but 'iSortingCol_0' is always "0" even if I've clicked a different column header
  • I am essentially using the code from the examples on the site, heres my table init:

    "bProcessing": true,
    "bServerSide": true,
    "sAjaxSource": "../DataTable/GetStuff",
    "aoColumns": [
    { "mDataProp": "Id", "sName": "Id", },
    { "mDataProp": "FirstName", "sName": "FirstName" },
    { "mDataProp": "LastName", "sName": "LastName" },
    { "mDataProp": "BirthDate", "sName": "BirthDate" },
    { "mDataProp": "Phone", "sName": "Phone" }

    Is there something else I need to do?
  • Nope - that looks like it should be fine. Can you give me a link to your page please?

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