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DataTables 1.5.5 released
  • Hello all,

    It's been a little while now since 1.5.4 was released, and one or two issues have come to light that I think are appropriate to address with a new release. This is mainly a clean-up release, with bug fixes and one or two nice little new "features":

    - sDom when using with jQuery UI theming has been tidied up. There is now an H and F macro which is short hand for the full class string required for jQuery UI theming.

    - When using server-side processing, you can now see bSortable_{i} and bSearchable_{i} for each column, to see what columns the client-side think are sortable / searchable.

    Others are detailed in the full release notes:

    You can download DataTables 1.5.5 here:

    Also, thanks to those who have made a donation! Supporting DataTables, development and keeping the server-up and running can add up, so please do remember to make a donation:


  • great work allan .... People donate is a really good deal :-)
  • Hi Allan

    1.5.5 is causing issues for me. It inserts an extra <div class="wrapper"> tag, which is about 100px in height, above my <table>. We also experienced this issue with earlier versions of datatables. I have had to revert back to 1.5.4.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  • Hi Phil,

    Sounds odd. DataTables does indeed add a wrapper around the table, and all of the other elements under it's control - but this shouldn't have changed between the versions. Could you post an example?

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