15. Editor: DateTime library is required

When using the datetime field type, you must load the DateTime library for DataTables. The DateTime library will present the end user with a date / time picker UI for easy input of dates and time.

The error:

DateTime library is required

will occur when the datetime field type is used but the DateTime library has not been loaded.


Editor v1 had the date time picker built in, but to make the library easily usable in other parts of the DataTables ecosystem (e.g. in SearchBuilder for date selection when filtering the table) the date time picker was unbundled into its own library, DateTime. This is a fully supported, first class extension for DataTables. Editor v2 now requires the new DateTime library for the datetime input to work.


To resolve this issue, include the DateTime library - it is available in the download builder. Simply select it along with the other software you wish to use for DataTables.

Alternatively, if you are loading the files directly, DateTime is available on our CDN.

If you do not wish to present the end user with a date picker widget, use the text input type which will allow freeform text to be entered (and then validated by the server).