Security advisory - DataTables 1.9.4- sever-side processing

Security advisory - DataTables 1.9.4- sever-side processing

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Hello all,

It has been brought to my attention that DataTables 1.9.4's demo PHP server-side processing scripts have an SQL injection vulnerability in them. This issue has been present in all releases of DataTables since v1.5 which introduced server-side processing. It does not effect DataTables' core Javascript file - only the demonstration server-side processing scripts.

If you are using the example PHP server-side processing scripts I would strongly recommend you update your scripts. The DataTables 1.9.4 package has been rebuilt and includes the required fixes ( ). Likewise all scripts available on this site now contain the required fixes.

Further details of the fix can be found in the git commit that addresses this issue:

If you have any questions about this issue, please post a reply and I'll attempt to answer them as thoroughly as possibly. Obviously security is of paramount importance and I appreciate this issue being brought to light so it can be addressed.

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