reloading all data with Ajax and redraw the table

reloading all data with Ajax and redraw the table

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Hi everybody and thank you for this plugin

However I'm facing some issue with datatable search feature.
Here is what I'm suppose to do:
The user type a research keyword.
This keyword is sent by Ajax to the server which retrieve all research results at once (no pagination, filtering from the server)
a jQuery ui dialog pops and display a datatable containing all the results.

I'm initiating datatable this way:

// In dom Ready event
$('#searchDialog').dialog({autoOpen : false, width : 500, 'title' : "search results"})

table = $('#searchResults').dataTable({
"aaData" : [], //No data at the begining
"bProcessing": true,
"bAutoWidth" : false,
"fnRowCallback": function( nRow, aData, iDisplayIndex ) {
$(nRow).attr('rel',aData[3]); //easy retrieve the hidden column
return nRow;
"aoColumns": [
{"bVisible" : false, "bSearchable" : false},

So the table is empty at first sight (but the dialog box is closed).
I also have a button to perform the research via a post request. Here is the function triggered when results are obtained from server

formfunctions = {

openProposal : function(rep){
table.fnClearTable(); //Clear the old data
for(var i in rep)
table.fnAddData( [rep[i].name , rep[i].city , rep[i].zip , rep[i].href] , false );
//add new data without redrawing the table

$('#searchDialog').dialog('open'); //Open the jquery ui dialog box
table.fnDraw(true); //draw the table
/* .... */

This function seems to work at first sight:
"table" is filled with server results,
"table" supports pagination and ordering features,
But the problem is that it doesn't handle filtering at all. Each time I'm typing a letter, it doesn't find anything and display the "no results" message.

I tryed to put data in it at the begining, datatable filtering feature was working as long as I wouldn't reload the table my way.

I tryed to search but I didn't find any answer on this forum,


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    I forgot to mention I'm using jQuery 1.3 and datatable 1.6.2

    Thanks for your reply
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    I'm sorry,
    I finally found the solution,
    My server data were not valid, I had trailing \r\n in the end of some of my records. Triming data server side worked.

    However, isn't datatable supposed to deal with those \r\n?

    Thank you!
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