[Enhancement] FixedHeader table isn't compatible with tabs components

[Enhancement] FixedHeader table isn't compatible with tabs components

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I'm currently using a datatablee within a tab with Twitter Bootstrap, and it doesn't work since the fixed header is appended at the bottom of the DOM.
It seems to work if the fixed header is appended next to the original table in the DOM.

Moreover, as the two headers (fixed and the original one) are visible, the display is a bit too bold on the original position (both headers are displayed at the same place)
A solution would be to add "visibility:hidden" property to the original header, but the fixed header properties are currently copied from the original one, so a fix is needed somewhere in the API.

Would it be possible to get this enhancement included in the API?
I didn't look what the code change could be yet.

Thanks by advance for your answer.


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    Hey you can add a background to the class of the fixed header row thats created that will solve the overlay issue, i had to do this yesterday while implementing the same situation and its because the header always seems to render a fraction of a percent smaller then it should.
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