Error with fixedHeader

Error with fixedHeader

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I'm trying to get FixedHeader working but I get an error :(

Firebug outputs:
Error: TypeError: $ is not a function
Line: 176

Note: This is not a live site.

If i comment out this line Fixedheader is working:
[code]s.bFooter = ($('>tfoot', s.nTable).length > 0) ? true : false;[/code]

Problem then is that column sorting is not working ok, i have to click 2 times on a header to set class sorting_asc or sorting_desc.

FixedHeader Version: 2.0.6
Datatables version: 1.9.3

This is the code that i'm using:
// Load datatables
var oTable = $("#results_table").dataTable({
"bProcessing": true,
"bServerSide": false,
"sAjaxSource": "",
"aaSorting": [[ 3, "asc" ]],
"bAutoWidth": false,
"bStateSave": true,
"bDeferRender": true,
"sPaginationType": "full_numbers",
"sDom": '<"top">rt<"bottom"ipf><"clear">',
"sProcessing": "",
"sLengthMenu": "_MENU_ resultaten weergeven",
"sZeroRecords": "Geen resultaten gevonden",
"sInfo": "_TOTAL_ resultaten",
"sInfoEmpty": "Geen resultaten...",
"sInfoFiltered": "",
"sInfoPostFix": "",
"sSearch": "",
"sEmptyTable": "Geen resultaten aanwezig in de tabel",
"sInfoThousands": ".",
"sLoadingRecords": "Een moment geduld aub - bezig met laden...",
"oPaginate": {
"sFirst": "Eerste",
"sLast": "Laatste",
"sNext": "Volgende",
"sPrevious": "Vorige"
new FixedHeader( oTable );


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    Please link us to a test case showing the problem. It might be that $ should be aliased to jQuery.

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    Hi Allan,

    Thanks for your reply, for some reasons i got no email that there was a new post.
    This site is in development, can I pm you the IP so you can add this your host config file temporary?

    Otherwise i've to change the dns for this which take probably 24 hours.
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