Fixed Header with Horizontal Scrolling

Fixed Header with Horizontal Scrolling

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I'm trying to use FixedHeader with horizontal scrolling, and I'm getting this error:

"FixedHeader 2 is not supported with DataTables' scrolling mode at this time"

Upon skimming the forum, it sounds like FixedHeader will not work with horizontal scrolling? I don't want to use FixedColumns, because I don't need fixed columns (and it doesn't seem like I can get fixed headers with this). I really really need the FixedHeader, but I also need to keep sScrollX since I have many columns in my table.

Is there an updated version that will allow this to work? I'm using DataTables 1.9.1 and FixedHeader 2.0.6. Or if there is another way to accomplish this , I'd appreciate any tips.

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