problem position

problem position

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incorrectly displayed in chrome clone footer

please help

"fnInitComplete": function(oSettings, json) {
new FixedHeader( oTable, { "left": false, "right": false,"top":false, "bottom": true } );


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    I have the same problem in Chrome, but when using it for the header. My code initializes it as

    [code]new FixedHeader(oTable, {
    "offsetTop": 112

    it works fine in IE and Firefox, but in Chrome, as soon as it scrolls to where the header should be fixed, it's placing it 229px from the top, not 112px.

    also, in Chrome, if I'm already scrolled to the point that the fixed header has kicked in and then I hit refresh on the browser, the fixed header locks in to the correct position at that point. Just not on initial display.
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    @bookin - please link to a test case showing the problem so we can debug it.

  • psenechalpsenechal Posts: 32Questions: 2Answers: 0
    It happens for me on your website:

    Try it using Chrome...I'm on Version 22.0.1229.94 m
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